I'm a 26 year old fashion design grad documenting my trials and tribulations with fashion, beauty and life.

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Styling Second-hand Fashion

I’m sure you’ll have noticed that I’ve been talking about buying second-hand a lot lately and have been loving it more and more. Second-hand doesn’t have to mean dowdy and shit, you can find some amazing things (sometimes with tags!)…


50 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

After two of my friends (both called Alice lol – Black Tulip Beauty And According to Alice) recently shared a post of this name, I felt obligated to follow suit and share a list of 50 things that make me…


Supermarket Fashion – are we on board?

Being the fashionista I am, whenever I visit a shop I’m always drawn to anywhere that has clothing, whether that’s underwear, pyjamas, day to day clothes – I’m all over that like a rash. I love to have a rummage…


Let’s talk International Women’s Day

You’ll be seeing posts and news articles all about why women are the best, men should all die (or something equally dramatic/outrageous) and life will be better, however I want to talk about what today means to me as a…


A confession about my photos

I’ve made it no secret that I live in a council flat (well housing association if you want to get technical) on a council estate. I’m not one of these girls, nor will I ever be, that dresses up and…


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