My name is Gabrielle (Gaby for short) Banner, I’m a 25 year old (at the time of writing) fashion design graduate working in the finance industry.

After graduating at 21 and having just moved into my own place, I needed a full time job to pay the bills and couldn’t afford to enter an unpaid internship in the fashion industry. So I took the first job I could get and ended up loving it! I work for one of the biggest UK insurers in the retirement solutions sector as a Customer Service Team Manager.

I was born in Utah, USA and moved to the UK when I was 6 and have pretty much been here ever since!

I live with my fiancé (fishing fanatic) Aaron who I’ve been with since the age of 15. I won’t bore  you with a cringy love story, but he’s my best friend and I love him a lot.

I love to write and make people laugh so I’m hoping this blog is an effective way for me to channel my loves!