Can a couple visit Ikea and not argue?

I decided to write this post on the eve of our visit to Ikea in Milton Keynes as Aaron lay next to me on the sofa snoozing away after a long day at work. Ikea is renown as a hot spot for couples to argue and bicker and as we were due a visit to pick up a new storage unit for our living room after getting our beautiful new sofas (thank god the old ones are gone – I bloody hated those things!), I thought it would be a great opportunity for a post!

I’m going to put it out there before continuing; Aaron and I bicker like an old couple, so this was going to be fun!

On arriving, the car park was completely swarmed before we found a section that wasn’t so packed – we checked online for the opening times, so were surprised when people were already in store before the 11 o clock opening.

Aaron drove his van so we could fit anything big we wanted to take home and as soon as we got out, we had a bit of a bicker because I wanted to take a trolley – it’s not often we go and I knew I wanted to grab some other bits while we were there. Cue huffs and puffs from Aaron because we then had to get in two separate lifts to get to the showroom. We hadn’t even gone in yet 😂

There were tonnes of families walking around, kids running riot (probably because the play area hadn’t opened yet) and we were both getting pissed off that people were meandering around aimlessly – please help me understand who in their right mind takes their kids INTO Ikea?! I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have them yet, but I can’t think of many places worse to take them (other than a warzone, or to a strip club, ya know, places that should never be seen by children).

Anyway, because it was packed, I obviously had a hard time navigating my trolley through the mob. This obviously meant more eye-rolling and huffing from Aaron, with a dash of “this is why I didn’t want to get a trolley Gaby!”

We eventually came across the storage area after getting lost in the maze, back-tracking through the kitchen section and apologising for not following the one way system. We found a couple of units we liked and took some snaps of the tags so we could find them later on and headed to the food hall for some of their famous meatballs (we’d never tried them before – I know, terrible people).

As we were heading to the in-laws for our regular Sunday roast; we decided to share a plate with some chips, bread rolls and a cinnamon roll for Aaron (he wasn’t that impressed). We did both love the meatballs though and definitely understand the hype! I started to get the above snaps to share the experience on here and Aaron wasn’t too keen on the idea (I’m not one for taking pictures of my food in public and Aaron’s not a fan of pictures) – he was also in a lot of pain after hurting his back at work the day before, so a bit grumpier than usual.

So far, so good and nothing abnormal in terms of bickering and arguing; just the usual 😉Once we finished up, we carried on into the market hall and picked up loads of bits; pillows for the living room, some towels for the bathroom, I finally found a jar to store my spaghetti in (I’ve been looking for bloody months and ended up getting it for £3.50!), a duvet set, a plant pot that I’m going to use to store some makeup bits in and a set of drawers to put in the living room! The only disagreement we had here was whether or not the pillows we already had in the living room were feather ones; Aaron was adamant they were and I knew they weren’t (I was right and was a bit smug when we got home to prove I was right 😉).

So, back to my initial question; can a couple visit Ikea and not argue? Well, yes and no. We always bicker so this trip wasn’t anything unusual and if we count it as arguing, then it’s a firm no. But if we don’t, then I’d say you absolutely can; it all depends on how your relationship is!

The real question is; can you assemble furniture without arguing? And that’s a firm no from me. I decided to take on the task to let Aaron rest his back after carrying everything up the stairs and turned into a monster after a couple of hours trying to get everything put together. Aaron offered the drill, I said no (dumb idea) and I started to get annoyed with him for no other reason than I was pissed off with the bastard thing, so when he told me I’d screwed in a bracket upside down, I lost my shit. I did apologise and he ended up helping me put the final bits together, but furniture assembly isn’t for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s something a bit different, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a post! Let me know about your Ikea shopping experiences in the comments below and whether you’ve managed to survive without arguing!

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10 thoughts on “Can a couple visit Ikea and not argue?

  1. This is hilarious and I love your honesty, me and my boyfriend don’t live together yet but I can imagine things like furniture shopping would get us a little bit irritable. Especially with kids running around – I’d have walked straight back out to be honest, you have a lot more patience than me! Haha. I’d love to see what duvet set you got, Ikea bedding is my favourite. I’ve still never tried their meatballs, I really need to! x

    Alice //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you’ve got it all to look forward to 😂 I only put them on a couple of days ago so I’ll make sure to share some pictures of them – they’re so much nicer than my others! ❤️❤️


  2. Hahaha this is brilliant! Jake and I have only visited Ikea once but we didn’t actually buy anything if I remember correctly so I don’t think I can firmly give my opinion. Jakes very laid back and has already said when we move in together he’s going to let me make all the interior decisions while he just stands and nods/helps me make them a reality so I think we’ll end up just fine, haha! I think I’m the one person in a million who detests Ikea meatballs, they made me feel so queasy when I had them! I do hate Ikea on the weekends though, I think I’d bicker no matter who I went with because of all the bloody annoying kids screaming!!
    Alice Xx

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    1. Ahh you’re lucky!! Aaron’s pretty laid back about most things, except for the random Union Jack adorned things he likes to litter around the house 😂 and I really enjoyed the meatballs!! Xx


  3. Hahaa! love this post and big up Milton Keynes!
    I absolutely love an Ikea trip, especially for the cheap candles and plants.
    Feg and I are never argue there but i’m pretty sure thats got something to do with the meatballs and unlimited coffee 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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