A lifetime of phone tragedies

A lifetime of phone tragedies

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a multitude of phones over the years. My first one was a Nokia 8210 when I was 10 years old.
Nokia 8210
My Mum & Dad decided I needed a phone after I went to town for the day with friends and ended up at my friend’s house but forgot to tell them where I was and didn’t end up rolling through the door until 7pm. Needless to say, I was bollocked, told I wasn’t allowed to go to town on my own and ended up with a new phone for Christmas because – logic.
I’ve tried to remember all of the phones I’ve had for this post and a brief history of what ended up happening to them, for your entertainment and to highlight why you need a phone case in your life. Obviously, some of these didn’t need phone cases as they were so old and built to withstand an apocalypse – but they’re funny so…
After my beloved 8210 and countless hours spent playing the original Snake (not Snake 2 – that would come later), I had a Nokia 3410 – it had a mint green and silver case and of course, the classic game Snake 2. I eventually bought an Arsenal phone case for this phone (not sure what possessed me to, but oh well) and stuck with it for a couple of years before colour screens came into our lives. This phone withstood the test of time and is probably in landfill with a full battery.
Nokia 3410
Next up was a push-up Samsung phone with a CAMERA! Shit started to get real, we could take pictures and document our lives on an old webcam style quality camera phone. I swapped this with my auntie for a flip-up Samsung as I wanted to be able to flip up my phone, but this didn’t have a camera. I felt sassy AF and would keep my phone in hand, flipping mindlessly and probably declining calls from my Dad asking me where the hell I was.
I don’t remember what happened to that phone, but the next one was a bright pink Motorola Razr- you know the one!

I would normally try to avoid sharing terribly lit and pixelated photos on here, but it’s a snapshot into life at that time. Younger generations – I hope you’re grateful for YouTube teaching you how to do make up, Instagram for showing you how to pose for photos and the great cameras we have on our phones today.
I swapped this phone (we used to do that a lot back in the day) for a Samsung D500 – it was black, had a better camera, you could listen to full songs (not just snippets) and was my life. Soon after getting this phone I met Aaron and everyone was posting kissing pictures on Bebo.

Another poorly lit photo, but a bit better in terms of quality than the last one. Anyway, this ended it’s life when it was confiscated by my Dad and Aaron text me something (no idea what) – my Dad popped it under the wheel of his car and ran it over. It could still receive and make calls, but the screen was completely white with black cracks. RIP. Samsung D500
For a short span of time after the death of the Samsung D500, I had an LG Chocolate that I bought from a girl at school for £50. I didn’t have it for long as Aaron told me he was meeting his mates instead of seeing me and I went into a hormonal rage, threw my phone at my wardrobe and stood on it, thinking it would make it work again.
LG Chocolate
It did not.
I can’t remember what I had after then, but know that when I turned 18, I got myself a Blackberry Bold on contract from o2. It was all the rage and I felt so grown up for having one. I found a couple of snaps from that time and thought I’d share for fun;

This phone lived with me for another year until I got fed up and upgraded to an iPhone 3 as BlackBerry’s were going out of fashion.
I kept that until the end of my contract – we didn’t have front-facing cameras until a little while after. And in succession I owned different models of the iPhone as I’d found my perfect match; iPhone 4, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and today, an iPhone 7.
I can guarantee I’ve smashed every single one of them; dropped off the sofa, dropped from my car, dropped out of my bag – I think you get my drift, I drop my phones a lot.
And that brings me to today; I’ve collaborated with a company called CaseApp who have kindly gifted me two of their beautifully designed cases to remind you all that you need a phone case to save your pride and joy. I designed my own case with my new surname on (the novelty hasn’t worn off yet and I need to keep something to remind me not to sign anything in Banner anymore) and picked one of their beautiful designs.

If you’d like to place an order, make sure to use my code GABRIELLE20 for 20% off your order – they have customisable cases for loads of different phones, so make sure to have a browse here.

Thank you so much to Tobias at CaseApp for reaching out to me and giving me the inspiration to look back at my personal phone tragedies!
Let me know about your most beloved phone and tragedies you’ve had in the comments below!
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  1. July 21, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    Hahaha Gab this is brilliant! My mum had the pink motorola razor and I was so jealous, I remember buying my first phone for about £40 and being soo incredibly chuffed with it although I ALWAYS ran out of credit. I had loads of those little phone charms aswell to hang off of it and thought I was the shit with a shit ton of hello kitties. I discovered the sony ericsson walkman phones when I was in my teens and they were what I swore by because of the music capacity on them! I also remember my best friend once wouldn’t stop blasting that shitty song heartbroken on our school bus so I managed to hack her phone through bluetooth and delete it hahahahah sneaky… I adore the case you designed it’s so cute!! I keep seeing Caseapp everywhere and I need a new case so I think this calls for one very soon!
    Alice Xx

    • July 22, 2018 / 9:15 am

      You made me realise I forgot a phone!!! I had a Sony Ericsson Walkman one that you used to shake to change song – how could I forget such a fab phone?! 😂😂 and I 100% had that song on my phone – it came out when Aaron and I first got together in 2007 I think! Ahhh the good old days 😂❤️❤️

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