Dedicated to the greatest Dad in the world

Okay, I’m aware this post is a day after Father’s Day, but I’m trying to get back to my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule and really wanted to put this post together after we received the rest of our wedding photos which had some lovely shots with my amazing Dad.

I’ve written a post about who influenced my love of clothes, which *SPOILER ALERT* was my Dad, it touches on my relationship with him and how he was an unknown inspiration for me and my love of all things fashion. He has had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but is finally finding his own happiness which makes me so proud and happy for him.

I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl and know I always will be – I’m the only child out of me, my sister and two step-brothers that gives him and my step-Mum Fran the least grief, so it’s a given I’m the fave 😉

My Dad is always the life and soul of a party and knows EVERYONE, I can’t remember a time where we’ve popped out together and not had to stop to chat or say hello to someone he knows – he’s full of banter, typical bad dad jokes and will always tell each and every one of us that he loves us (in English and a bit of Italian since he met Fran and decided he was Italian at heart – he’s always gone through language phases which has included Polish in the past and always make George and I cringe 🙄😂).

He’s always had a good sense of his personal style – I wouldn’t say good as there have been some VERY questionable outfit combos over the years, but he’s always loved to stand out from the crowd. Usually donning a hat, which I’m sure you can see from the pictures on my wedding day, he rocked pretty well (I sent a text to the vicar to say thank you after the wedding and he said that the bell ringers all wanted to know who the man rocking the bowler hat was lol!)

I’ve always felt loved by my Dad and know he’s one of the proudest Dad’s you’ll ever meet – he was over the moon that Aaron and I were getting married and was so happy that I’d be marrying “the lovely lad” (Dad and Fran don’t ever call him Aaron anymore – they love a nickname and I guess the lovely lad is an upgrade from Noraa, which is Aaron spelt backwards lol).

So here’s a post dedicated to my Dad who is one of my biggest champions, is always cheering me on and is quite frankly, the best Dad in the world – love you Dad and happy Father’s Day ❤️❤️❤️

Until Next Time


11 thoughts on “Dedicated to the greatest Dad in the world

  1. This is so, so sweet Gaby and it sounds like you have such a bloody wonderful relationship with your Dad 💕 having that with a parent is so special and something I never take for granted as I know so many people long for it! The bowler hat is FAB by the way and I love anyone with an individual style hehe!
    Alice Xx

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