Back to reality after a beautiful honeymoon

As I type this post, I’m laying in my comfortable bed (I didn’t appreciate how comfy it was until we had a shitty one at our last hotel) and have been trying to rest my eyes after a LONG journey home from the beautiful island of Bali. I’ve had a bit of a snooze and am forcing myself to stay awake so I can fight through my jet lag – it took us about a week before we felt in sync with the 7 hour time difference when we went out, but we’re back to work on Monday so that shit needs to be sorted!

I’d also like to acknowledge my absence on here for the last week or so – the WiFi at the hotel we were staying in was practically non-existent so I didn’t manage to get any posts prepared. But I’m quite glad I took some time off for me – it was our honeymoon after all!

Aaron’s not feeling too great after he picked up a virus a couple of days before we headed back home, so our last day was spent holed up in the hotel room trying to nurse him back to health. A little bit sad, but I made a vow and didn’t mind being a good wife!

Anyway, I’m now back in reality where it’s a real thing that my name is Mrs Gabrielle Anne Albon (not that it wasn’t in Bali – I managed to get my name changed on my passport before we travelled! Give me a shout if you’d like to know more about that in the comments below!) and there is A LOT of stuff that needs to be sorted. Changing your name is a very strange feeling as you’re essentially changing your identity in a way – I’m still Gabrielle Anne Banner in every single way, but I’m also not at the same time. I don’t know if that makes any bloody sense, but I’m hoping it does! That’s not to say I DON’T want to change my name – if I didn’t want to then I wouldn’t have done it! But it’s a big thing and I wanted to talk about what’s going to be changing for me;

  • My passport (already done which has given me a chance to get used to being Albon!)
  • My bank details
  • My car insurance, tax, registration, licence and finance (yep – this bell end decided that buying a car on finance was a fantastic idea 🙄)
  • Any other kind of insurance I have
  • My pension
  • My rent and council tax
  • The polling station when it’s time to vote again
  • My credit card
  • My Boots AND Superdrug cards (plus any other store reward cards I might have – like Morrisons More and Tesco Clubcard!)
  • My work email address, contact details etc. (I set that in motion before we got married so I should have my new email address when I return on Monday!)
  • Social media (I did this quite quickly as I wanted to get used to it and I quite like it! So you may have noticed Albon creeping into everything on my socials!)
  • My online shopping details – I made sure ASOS knew I would be Mrs Albon and will be updating all my other regulars as I inevitably order new bits and pieces

That’s all I can think of from the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s a hell of a lot more. Our poor marriage certificate will be battered very soon (which we didn’t know was given to the best man, my cousin and Aaron’s best friend Stuart – he’s not known for remembering things so we had a bit of a panic when we found out it had been given to him lol. But rest assured, it’s now in the hands of my very reliable mother-in-law!)

I’ll be sharing some more content from our last week in Kuta next week, but for now I’m going to order myself a lovely Friday night curry and try to make myself stay awake until at least 9pm – this jet lag isn’t going to get the better of me!

Until Next Time


10 thoughts on “Back to reality after a beautiful honeymoon

  1. You’ve been so organised getting all your documents changed with your married name. I’ve literally only done my bank and work stuff so far ahah. All seems like so much effort, if you have any tips I’d love to know x

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  2. I didn’t think about all the things you had to change when changing your name!! I’ve been thinking about legally putting Tulip in my name as it’s only a family nickname currently but then I’m like hmm is it worth the effort haha. It’s so cute that you’re loving your newlywed name although I bet you’ll be writing your old one by accident for a long time to come yet! (I still write bloody 2016 sometimes, living in the past clearly…)
    Alice Xx

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