Last minute honeymoon prep!

Last minute honeymoon prep!

We head off for our honeymoon to Bali on Tuesday, just 3 days after we tie the knot (WHICH IS TOMORROW!), so not only have I been running around like a lunatic whilst sorting everything for the wedding (I must say, very proud to have EVERYTHING) I’m ready to roll and will have spent Friday getting the reception venue all decorated (this is a scheduled post which is going up after everything SHOULD be sorted) – but I’ve also been prepping for our almost 3 week long trip to Bali.
Aaron and I sat together over the weekend after he returned from his week long stag do trip to France fishing for the week (party animal right?!) and started to get all of our documents and paperwork ready for us to pick up our shit and go.
It was then that we decided to have a look at train tickets to Gatwick (anyone that lives north of the M25 will know the fresh hell of trying to get to that damn airport), we thought we’d jump on a train on Tuesday morning and be on our merry way to the airport. That was until we saw the price of tickets in peak time on the day back to work after a bank holiday – our flight leaves at 12 and we’d need to leave home at about 7 to get the train or drive. So we had a mooch around on TripAdvisor, booked in to stay at a Premier Inn for just £29 and for our car to be parked at the airport.
Aaron then realised we didn’t have any suncream, so went online to order 2 bottles of the P20 all day lotion which is our go-to when we go away – it’s an all day lotion that’s a bit pricier, but a good one to look after your skin. It’s been our go-to sun protection for years and I definitely recommend – we don’t ever burn (unless we miss a patch of skin which has 100% happened).

I was then mooching on ASOS when I got in a “TREAT YO’SELF” mood and put a few bits in my basket – I hadn’t bought anything for our trip and thought I deserved it 😉
So, as an ASOS Premier customer, I put my order in for the following items;

  • A peach coloured bandeau bikini (a bit brighter than what I’d call peach – but still cute!)
  • A black halter-neck beach dress
  • A white cross strapped swing cami
  • A grey canvas backpack

I’ve done a flat lay of the items I picked up as to be quite frank with you all, I’m an extremely busy bride-to-be and have a wedding to sort out 😂

I’ve not handled the planning of this trip as well as any usual holiday – the wedding has taken priority and I haven’t packed a damn thing, which is UNHEARD of for me. I’m the super-organised-must-have-everything-prepared-for-a-trip kinda gal – so this unorganised thing is some kind of fresh hell for me!
Let me know in the comments if you’re a last-minute packer, or as super organised as I am usually! Now I’m going to go and have a glass of prosecco – I’m getting married tomorrow!


  1. May 30, 2018 / 10:32 am

    Ooh I’ve never heard of that once a day lotion but my god does it sound convenient – I hate re-applying lotion as it gets you all sticky again! Absolutely loving the grey back pack and the bikini, the halter neck dress looks like it could be perfect for beach or date night with a little lace top underneath too, what a great find! I hope you’re having the best time in Bali 💜
    Alice Xx

    • May 30, 2018 / 8:04 pm

      Ahh it’s a bloody life saver – we saw it in B&M on Monday for just £9.99 so Aaron overpaid 😂!! And it’s been lovely so far, we’re not used to the time difference and woke up at 2am – but we’ll get there in the end! I picked up a couple more bits at the airport too so I’ll be sharing those too! ❤️❤️

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