My Honeymoon Essentials

My Honeymoon Essentials

This time in six weeks I’ll be sunning myself on the beautiful island of Bali and I have to say, I’ve never needed a holiday more than I do now. Aaron and I didn’t go anywhere last year (well together anyway, he had a week of fishing in France which wasn’t really a holiday and I wasn’t there so…) as we were saving all of our pennies for the wedding and honeymoon, so it’s been a while!

As well as planning and prepping for the wedding, I need to start thinking about the honeymoon and what I need (mostly want, but y’know) to take away with us. So to make my life a bit easier I’ve put together a little list of things that I think I’ll be needing whilst we’re away – and this isn’t purely honeymoon based, these are things I like to (or would have liked to) take on each holiday, it also acts as a shopping list for me so… winner!

Disposable Camera

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE having some actual photos in albums from special occasions or holidays, so a disposable camera is always a must have when I’m travelling. It reminds me of a simpler time in life and getting snaps on my school trips away (and my mum always moaning that I never got any pictures with my friends, just random shots of a tent or a goat from a zoo we went to) and the excitement of getting them developed once I got home. If you love the excitement of getting some photos developed, having physical memories and photo albums, then this is definitely a holiday must have.

A good pair of sandals

I’m going to put my hands up and confess I’m a HUGE lover of my Birkenstock sandals – I bought a pair a couple of years back and have worn them for my last couple of holidays and summers in the U.K.
Aaron’s not the sit by the beach and chill kinda guy, so whenever we’re away we’re always on the move, so a good sturdy pair of sandals are a must-have for me. I also have very specific needs when it comes to footwear in general, so a cheapy pair of flip flops that are going to make my feet sweat like mad, slip around all day and make my leg tremble ten times worse than it already is, isn’t game for me.

A decent bag

Having a decent bag to take away is definitely an essential for me – I need to know I can fit everything I might need for a day at the beach and for a flight, so a backpack is normally my preferred style when travelling. I haven’t found one I like yet, but will report back once I’ve made a decision – I don’t really like the sports branded bags, but also want the option to zip it up to give me some peace of mind when I’m out and about in unknown lands. Let me know if you’ve got any recommendations for places to look!

A selection of bikinis

I’m a bikini hoarder and I’m not afraid to admit it, I like to have a wide selection with me so I can change up my look for a day by the sea or poolside. I’ve figured out that a strapless, bandeau style is my favourite (for the sole reason that I want minimal tan lines – oh so vain I know). And have loads of love for the collection I’ve built up over the years.

Suncream & Aftersun

Aaron and I are huge fans of the all day lotions (although I haven’t looked into how good they are since I’ve been more aware of my skincare and looking after it in the sun) – but I’ll always opt for at least a factor 30 when heading abroad. Always use your suncream people – we don’t want to look like leather when we’re old!
I also make sure to pack a good aftersun for when we’re away to make sure my skin is well nourished after a day of worshipping the sun (we don’t have a garden, so I always make the most of the sun when abroad).

Loads of day dresses

When I’m on holiday, I like to wear lightweight dresses that are easy to slip on and off – makes getting into the pool that much quicker! I’ve got a few staples that are failsafe for travelling and recently added another little beauty to my collection when we popped into Debenhams on Sunday! Cotton is 100% the best fabric to wear in the heat – anything synthetic will make you sweat more and we don’t want that do we?!

The perfect pair of shades 😎

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include a pair of staple sunglasses in this post – I LIVE in sunglasses when I’m on holiday and am the person that always ends up coming home with tan marks on my face from wearing them so much. I’ll be taking both my classic Ray Ban Clubmasters and these beaut round lensed ones from Balmain that Aaron bought me for my birthday.
And there are some of my honeymoon/holiday essentials! I’ll probably do a post of some bits I’ve picked up in the run up to it (in between some wedding related posts – the big day is coming REALLY SOON!) but in the mean time, let me know in the comments below if you’ve got any holiday essentials I haven’t included!


  1. April 18, 2018 / 6:51 pm

    Anytime you mention your wedding I get SO EXCITED for you!! I feel like I’ve become slightly too invested in it over the past months hahaha. Day dresses are my absolute favourite for holidays, you can never have enough of them, especially off the shoulder ones! And I am definitely a bandeau kind of bikini wearer too although I always go for high waisted as I carry a few more lbs than your lovely self! I hope Bali is an absolute dream for you both and you come back with banging tan! Also – no one looks as fab as you in those Raybans, they are literally made for you!
    Alice Xx

    • April 18, 2018 / 6:53 pm

      You’re so bloody funny Alice 😂😂 and I love the off shoulder ones too – deffo need to get some more!! And if anyone can rock a pair of Ray Bans, I’m sure you could do it well!! 😎❤️❤️

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