Being original in a world full of unoriginality

Is anyone truly individual in life? Among the however billion people on the planet (I didn’t Google it, but pretty sure it’s in the billions), surely there’s bound to be someone else that is a carbon copy of yourself and you just don’t know about it?

I never really gave this much thought until I started blogging and more so in recent months when we’re hearing a lot more about the same old bloggers getting the same old opportunities because they “fit” into an unspoken, but very visible criteria. You need to be conventionally good looking, have the right figure, the right skin colour, the right kind of background and be of a specific social class (just to name a few). And quite frankly, I’m a little bit bored of it.

When did everyone become a carbon copy of each other when it comes to blogging, style, make up, hair and lifestyle? Why do we all feel the need to only showcase the good and not the bad? Wasn’t that the original beauty of blogging? We could rely on blogs to be a sacred place where we trusted that the opinion or experience being shared was genuine and real?

When we read our favourite blogs, are the opinions and thoughts true to the writer, or are they just saying what they think they should to pull in their audience, not remaining true to themselves and being unoriginal.

There’s always going to be someone out there that has a very similar outlook on life, a similar sense of humour, maybe even look similar to you, but that shouldn’t equate to the majority of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers being carbon copies of each other.

This got me thinking about my own blog and originality of it.

Am I original? I know I censor myself a lot on social media, purely for the fact that I don’t want the bother of broadcasting certain opinions and having a backlash on controversial topics, but does that make me unoriginal?! Is my Instagram feed unique to me? Is my writing style truly reflective of me?

Although I know everything is truly my own opinion and a reflection of me, I often find myself reverting back to older posts to make sure it’s coming across in the way I want it to. I don’t want to follow the crowd (despite how that might be detrimental to my growth) and would rather spend my time writing about everything I love or loath – because if I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be me.

But why are so many bloggers succumbing to the mainstream way of doing things, rather than remaining original? I’m sure there are many thoughts and opinions on this, but my personal view is that people think they need to follow the crowd to make it big. So many girls want to be the “next Zoella” that they’ll do anything they can to get there.

One thing I like to think about when I’m running out of creative juice is why I started my blog in the first place. I wanted to write about fashion, make people laugh and relate to my mishaps – I wanted to share real life stories, reviews, opinions and advice based on my own experience. It’s grown since the early days, but I’m pretty sure the original premise has remained the same.

So there’s my 2p’s worth on originality – I like to do a post like this every once in a while, it helps me to stay grounded 😉

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Being original in a world full of unoriginality

  1. Honestly I am soo bored of it too. I’m so bored of the Instagrams that show no faces, just products and flowers laid out pretty with 27k followers. I’m so bored of seeing the same boring t-shirt from the same brand that everyone has only bought because so and so has it. I’m so bored of the gift guide posts that suggest you can only buy your boyfriend a mini speaker, some aftershave or some CK underwear for his birthday. I feel ya Gaby and I bloody love your posts like this! I’m nothing but me in every area and aspect of my life, even on the internet! I think I’d implode trying to be someone I’m not…
    Alice Xx

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  2. I completely feel you on this. It’s so hard not to conform and blog about what is current and ‘hyped’ in the blogosphere.
    More recently iv’e decided to start up film blogging again as its something i adore but have put off for ages as i was worried it wouldn’t go with my aesthetic and categories. So silly!
    Great post Gabs! xx

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  3. I’ve always wanted to know if there was someone somewhere in the world that looked like me (poor fucker) but you’re right, there’s a lot of samey samey in the blogging community which drives me crazy but I also feel the pressure to fit in that “blogger cliche” category

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  4. To be honest some of the things that everyone does or wears are super cute and maybe everyone just has similar tastes. But there is so much that people just do/wear because everyone else is doing it and as soon as the trend has stopped no one else does it again and it is because they don’t actually like it. It’d be lovely to see a bit more originality in the blogging world, hopefully one day..

    Lily | The Wellbeing Edit

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  5. I completely agree with everything you’ve said in this post, everything just seems so same-y for the majority and I’m so bored of it. It’s like all the blog girls having pictures outside Peggy Porschen, what makes people think everyone just wants to see the same thing?! I think you and your blog are a prime example of staying true and full of originality, and it’s something I really look up to x

    Alice |

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