What I’ll be wearing this Spring/Summer

I’m planning on shopping my wardrobe as much as I can (with a few additions here and there – this girl can’t wear grey looking white tops forever) and today will be talking about what I’ll no doubt be wearing a lot of this season. Well, when the weather actually suggests it’s the start of Spring anyway.

I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram (if you’re not, you’re missing out on some great captions my friend – don’t miss out and go follow me!) that you’ll have seen me attempting to add a bit of spring into my wardrobe already. Yes I might layer up when I leave the house, or regret breaking in some new pumps on one of the coldest days of the year, but it’s supposed to be spring god damn it!

When I started to write this post, I started to think about all of the clobber I’ve been hoarding/ wearing from the discount online fashion shopping reviews I’ve been doing for the series I run on here, as well as my go to pieces that always come out time and again. I realised that I’ve not been making good use of some great pieces I have, so although there are some new bits I’d like to add, I need to be a bit more savvy with my spending!

White Chuck Taylor Converse

I added these to my (shit- according to my Dad) shoe collection last year and have to say, they’re a fail safe shoe for this season. However, they do need a wash and it was abundantly clear when I wore them to work recently and the girl I sit next to had the FRESHEST pair I’d seen on, next to my grubby old things. But I love them still, so will be rocking these a lot – again.

Cream Frilled Blazer

I can’t decide if this beaut needs to be saved for my hen do when I have (well, I don’t have to, I WANT to) to distinguish myself as the bride among my hens, but I know I’ll deffo be rocking this all spring/summer long – it’ll look perfect with some jeans and sandals, over a pretty floaty dress – the possibilities are endless. AND it was an item from Topshop that cost me less than £10 ; you’re in the midst of a bargain hunter.

White Jeans

I haven’t braved wearing these yet (hence why I’m recycling photos from me wearing them last year) because the weather is absolutely shit and I’m not going to risk wearing white jeans when I may just splash mud from a puddle or the mountain of congealed leaves piled up in our car park outside (council estate life) when I walk out to jump in the car with my Auntie Magi for a lift into work. BUT, when the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and I’m on a rare night out, these will definitely be my go to pair of jeans.

Black and white dog tooth trousers

These beauts were a great find from my beloved ASOS (and make sure to read up on five reasons you need to shop with them if you haven’t already). It was payday, not just any old payday, but BONUS payday, so I obviously had no chill when it came to ordering these with my ASOS premier next day delivery and getting majorly excited when they arrived and found they had a cute frill on the pockets!

Navy Blue Fitted Trousers

My Dad Styles My Outfit

I’ve got to get a bit dandy with the sewing machine before I rock these navy blue trousers I got during a Black Betty review as they need to be taken up and in a little bit so they fit like a glove, but once I’ve finally gotten around to that, I know these will be worn to death. I’ll also need to get me some tan leather brogues (as instructed by my Dad in one of my recent posts) so I’ve got the perfect pair of shoes to set them off.


I don’t particularly care if this isn’t “on trend” this year (although I’m quite sure it’s sticking around) I’m all about rocking gingham again this year, so expect to see some more of this cute Bardot style top and possibly a couple of other bits if I happen to stumble upon them on my travels.

Vintage Levi Shorts

I don’t think it would be spring/summer without these bad lads and I know these will be staple for me this year as I won’t be donning a yellow tinge/scratch marks from the vile hepatitis E virus I had last year.

And there we have a few bits you’ll be seeing on here (some of them again because I’m a creature of habit). What are you going to be rocking this season?


13 thoughts on “What I’ll be wearing this Spring/Summer

    1. Ahh I know right? Gingham, dogtooth and tartan are all up there as my fave prints – tartan more in the winter for me 😉 and thanks lovely, I’ll keep em grubby for a little bit longer 😂❤️


  1. I love gingham in the warmer months, so pretty!
    I’m actually to scared to wear white jeans because I’m so messy, I know they’ll get filthy before I’ve even left the house

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