Finally getting new glasses

If you’ve been tuned into my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I finally after too long *cough* three years *cough* got an eye test. With my birthday coming up (two weeks tomorrow I’ll be hitting twenty-six. I can’t decide whether I should then start classing myself as late twenties or stick with mid twenties 🧐) Aaron agreed to pay for my prescription sunglasses, which came with a free pair from Specsavers.

As a reminder, here’s the only decent selfie I could find that showed the old ones 😂

DISCLOSURE: As it’s not my birthday yet, I’m not allowed my sunglasses so won’t be showing them yet, but thought I’d show you my normal specs that I was allowed to have. Don’t worry (not sure you will worry but never mind), you’ll be seeing as much of the new shades as you have my Ray Ban Clubmasters once the 5th of April rolls around!

Anyway, back to the topic on hand.

Aaron and I had decided to book in for some eye tests – he hadn’t had one since he was a pre-teen, had been getting headaches and not stopped banging on about it, so I booked us both in for eye tests at our local Specsavers, not knowing whether I was going to need a stronger lens as it had been so long since my last test!

A couple of Saturday’s ago, we bowled in there and had our eyes scanned, puffs of air blown in them, the stereotypical reading of the letters on the wall and given our results. Aaron’s eyesight was perfect (of course) and mine had gotten worse. I had a bit of a cringeworthy moment when I handed my old scratched AF glasses to him to check what I’d had before and laughed when he asked if I now wanted to have the anti-glare put onto them as the old ones were so scratched you could barely see that they had it 😂.

So I had to pick two pairs of glasses (can I hear a buy one get one FREE?!) and decided a pair of shades and normal glasses was the best way to go – one for work and the others for driving when I can eventually get behind the wheel again. I asked Aaron if he’d pay for my sunglasses as my birthday present as I was planning on asking for some round shaped Ray Ban’s anyway, to which he agreed (and later regretted lol).

The first pair I tried on were a pair from Balmain – they were the round shape I was after, the perfect shade of black (not too dark, but not too light) and I looked perfectly me when I tried them on. Only downside was the price tag at £169.

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve tried something as luxurious as that on and then try a couple of budget bits – IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME! Aaron could see how much I wanted them and caved (he’s the bloody best) and we then started to look at the normal glasses.

But as everything was BOGOF, it seemed stupid to waste that and select a budget pair for free, why not go all out with another pair from Balmain?! We went ahead and ordered the glasses, I had one last test as Aaron popped to the counter to pay and got an appointment to pick them up the following Saturday. I’m sure you just want to see the bloody glasses now right?! I am OBSESSED! They look bloody massive compared to my old ones – Aaron was fishing when I got them and was howling when I FaceTimed him to show him how fabulous I looked, only to realise they don’t look as flattering on FaceTime LOL! Getting used to a new prescription has been weird AF; everything looked HUGE, my eyes were straining as they were trying to get used to the new lenses, but I’m starting to get used to them now. Yes I’ve been a bit dizzy and might need to check back in if it doesn’t stop – but don’t they look great?!

Let me know what you think and if you’ve got any funny stories about going to the opticians in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “Finally getting new glasses

  1. Ooh your new glasses are soo cute! I can’t wait to see the sunglasses – Balmain sunglasses are soo fab xo

    Char |

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