My Dad Styles My Outfit

My Dad Styles My Outfit

Seeing as last week’s post with Aaron styling my outfit went down so well with you guys, I thought I’d bring in my Dad for another post for fun!

He took me out into town on Saturday afternoon to pick up my new specs from Specsavers, we had a coffee, half a pint of Guinness in the pub (never properly had it – Dad got some black currant juice put in it, but it was still revolting 😂) and on the way home I told him he needed to come in and style an outfit for me, as he needed to pop up and collect some wedding reception invites to take with him anyway ☺️.

If you’ve read for a while, you might remember I did a post about Who Influenced My Love of Clothes and know that my Dad is one of the most outrageously dressed people you’ll ever meet. So I thought he’d be the perfect person to continue what I think is going to turn into a series. Same as last time, here’s my dictation of our conversation and I hope you enjoy… Again, sorry for the fucks in this conversation, don’t say you weren’t warned!

D: Well those are fucking awful

G: Dad, they’re my Aladdin boots

D: Ay?!

G: They are so cool, how can you not love them?!

D: Well you’re not going to be wearing any fucking shoes are you? God.

G: Why?!

D: They’re all shit.

G: No they’re not.

*G Laughing*

G: Oh, white Converse…

D: I’m just looking!

G: Oh, he’s just looking.

My Dad Styles My Outfit

*Hanger flipping*

G: I’m very intrigued by what you’re going to pick. That jacket is like…amazing.

D: Don’t try and fuckin’ influence MY decision.

G: I’m not trying to influence ANYTHING. Just telling you that that jacket is amazeballs. *Laughing* He’s gone for it hahaha!

G: I’ve got drawers with tops and stuff in as well. And bottoms.

*More hanger flipping*

G: You can also pick anything I’m wearing right now. *Dad looks me up and down and turns back to the wardrobe*

*More hanger flipping*

G: Okay we’ve got a grey, high neck midi dress.

D: Have you got jeans?

G: In the bottom drawer down there. In there, bottom drawer!

D: I’m only getting half the fuckin’

G: Yeah, that drawer and the drawer above. The other two are Aaron’s.

*Cupboard door slams*

G: That’s a midi dress Dad!

D: It’s my fucking choice.

G: Midi dress and jeans?

D: Hmm?

G: Midi dress and jeans?

D: Don’t tell me what’s in when you’re picking, you fucking choose what you want!

G: Alriiight! *Chuckling* They’re inside out but… What I’m gunna do Dad is I’ll wait until you’ve gone to try everything on, then I’ll take pictures of it and it’ll be a surprise for you too… I haven’t worn those yet.

G: Oh, we’re not going for that, or are we? OH DAD DON’T PUT IT IN THAT WAY! Aaron does that as well, it winds me up. Look all my hangers hook IN.

*More hanger flipping*

G: Gone for a Topshop light blue shirt…A bit of style advice then…

D: What?

G: From the person that’s very judgey about my shoes, what shoes do you think I should have?

D: Brown leather brogues.

G: Brown leather brogues, we’ll add it to the shopping list then.

D: With a buckle.

G: With a buckle. Why a buckle?!

D: Because it’s different.

G: Oh.

D: Where are your socks?!

G: Why do you want to know where my socks are?!

D: Well you want fuckin’ socks don’t ya?!

G: You don’t need to go that far, I can sort socks out.

D: I need something in white, to go underneath.

D: That, that’ll go like that, with them.

G: Okay. Hold on. Let me take a picture, do you want to stand next to the outfit?

D: Idiot! 

*Both laughing*

D: And a scarf.

G: What one?

D: That one. 

DISCLOSURE: I forgot to add the scarf when shooting the pictures – soz Dad!

D: That’ll do.

My Dad Styles My Outfit

G: This one? Cool. Move in front of the window, we get a better lighting that way. See?!

D: Okay, am I done now?!

G: Well, are you happy?!

D: Yeah! Ooh, and that hat.

G: Okay, that’s Aaron’s one (Dad got us both hats at Christmas)

D: NOPE, that’s it.

DISCLOSURE: Again, I forgot to add the hat lol – soz again Dad.

G: Alright, I’ll put those together and style it!

My Dad Styles My OutfitMy Dad Styles My Outfit

The Final Look (Minus the hat and scarf lol)

My Dad Styles My OutfitMy Dad Styles My OutfitMy Dad Styles My Outfit

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post – let me know what you think of these types of post and, the biggie… do you think I look like my Dad?! Let me know!

Thank you to my Dad and the person who influenced my love of clothes for joining in for this post – love you Dad! ❤



15 thoughts on “My Dad Styles My Outfit

  1. Love that your dad is so expressive with his fashion sense. This is such a funny and REAL post about him picking out an outfit for you. He actually did pick out a really cute outfit!

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  2. Another post that made me laugh! I want to try this with my boyfriend and see what he picks out for me haha!xo

    Char |

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