Unreasonable wedding thoughts

Unreasonable wedding thoughts

Getting married is a big deal, as soon as you agree to marry someone that’s you tying yourself to the love of your life until the infamous vow says “Til death do us part”. I’ve been a pretty chilled out bride for the most part of our engagement; I’ve made sure to get as much possible ready in good time so that I don’t stress out at the last minute (I’m quite the stress head, so this was tactical in a sense but also because I’m so god damn excited!)
However, the closer the day gets, the more unreasonable I become in my thoughts about the wedding – which is completely normal! For fun, I thought I’d share some of the stupid things that have gone through my brain lately because we all know I love a laugh at my expense – please note that a lot of these are “What if…” questions 😉;

“What if it rains on the day and my dress gets soaked?!”

rain on your wedding day gif.gif
Yes, just like in the song Ironic “IT’S LIKE RAAAIIIINNNN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY” this has gone through my head a couple of times (more so if the song comes on and I do a lip sync rendition for Aaron in my pyjamas) – but I can’t control the weather (unfortunately) and if it’s meant to happen, who gives a shit? Well, the photographer maybe.

“What if nobody comes?!”

Well this is downright ridiculous, I know people will come, because if they don’t heads will roll. Warning to my guests 😉

“Is Aaron serious about wanting to marry ME?!”

There’s no reasonable explanation for this one, we’ve been together for ten and a half years, he’d definitely have bolted if he didn’t want to marry me lol.
love me forever

“No, I do NOT want a Ferrero Rocher cake!”

Okay, there’s a story to this one and it’s the first time I felt slightly bridezilla about the day.
Aaron’s Dad announced when we got home from Thailand after we got engaged that he wanted to make a doughnut cake (he’s not a chef or a baker so I have no idea where this came from, but stick with me) I liked the sound of it and to be honest, was happy to not have to worry about it. As time passed he would mention it every now and again and eventually said he had a backup plan in case he didn’t feel he could do it. I was happy enough and left him to it until one Sunday (we always go for Sunday dinner at their house 1pm sharp – that’s where we’ll be) he mentioned a Ferrero Rocher cake, which wasn’t really a cake and was a stand full of Ferrero Rocher’s.
Cue bridezilla moment number one. I turned to him after he showed me a picture of what he was suggesting and said “absolutely not, the gold wrappers don’t go with the theme and I thought we were going with a doughnut cake?!” And that was that – I’d said my piece and started to feel like I was morphing into one of the hell bent brides on Don’t Tell the Bride, looking for blood.

“What if nobody comes to my hen do?!”

My sister Georgie has been organising my hen do and it’s made me realise what a logistical nightmare it is to get a group of girls together for a night out! There’s always something going on whether it’s another hen party on the weekend we initially wanted, somebody’s birthday, someone is on holiday – I’ve just been panicking that nobody cares enough to come, but whatever will happen, will happen!
ready to party

“No Georgie – I am NOT having a seating plan and NO you will not be doing one for me!”

George and I had a difference of opinion on this one after I shared a post on here about how I decided I wasn’t going to have a seating plan. I’m not getting myself wrapped up in the “well, she doesn’t speak to them and they don’t get on, but they split up so we can’t have them on the same table” – you get the jist. I’ve got enough to plan and worry about without the added “table plan” drama. Sit wherever you want!
I’m sure there will be many more unreasonable thoughts that go through my head in the next three months, but for now I’ll continue to plan and prepare, crazy thoughts and all!
Let me know in the comments below whether you’ve got some unreasonble wedding thoughts of your own, or have had some in the past! I’d also like to pre-warn that the wedding content will probably be coming up quite a lot over the next few months 😉


  1. March 3, 2018 / 8:31 am

    You can’t really help having thoughts that seem odd during the planning stages – wedding planning is really odd! It forces you to scrutinise things you never thought you’d have to, makes you question everything you thought you liked, and then of course as soon as you think you’ve made a decision everyone has a million differing points of view that make you feel you need to start from scratch! It will be worth it though, I say stick with you ‘unreasonable’ thoughts, it is so important that your day is how YOU (and your partner of course!) want it to be. Plus, they don’t sound all that Bridezilla like to me, very relatable and normal! 🙂 x

    • March 3, 2018 / 11:25 am

      Haha thank you lovely! And that’s exactly how I’m feeling at the moment – everyone always has an opinion on something which is nice sometimes but not so much at others 😂 xx

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