Why I only wash my hair once a week…

Cue the gasps of horror, the internal cringes, the thoughts “you dirty bitch, how can you go an entire week and not wash your hair?!” – I’m sure that there are going to be a lot of these reactions, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m realising that over-washing your hair can take it’s toll.

Fifth Day Hair
Fifth Day Hair

If you’ve read back on some of my older posts or seen my horrifying excuse for an old YouTube channel, you’ll know that I’ve been obsessed with my hair for a long time. I’ve never been one to daily wash (which makes no sense to me at all – the more you wash it, the quicker your hair tries to compensate for the loss of natural oils, this leading to greasy looking hair sooner than you’d like).

So why a week? If I care about my hair that much, why don’t I wash it more often?

I’m glad you asked, so here are a few reasons why;

  • Ain’t nobody got time for that
  • My hair has been growing a lot quicker since I stopped washing it so often
  • My hair doesn’t get greasy as quickly as it used to
  • I wear it up a lot anyway, so even if it is a little bit grease central, you don’t notice it too much
  • People compliment my hair when it’s clean – they’ll say “Hey Gaby, have you had something done to your hair?” And I’ll reply “oh no, just washed it 😉” – always guaranteed a chuckle
  • If I curl or straighten my hair (not often, but it does happen!) it lasts aaaages – no need to worry about re-styling every morning
  • I save a fortune on shampoo and conditioner – what’s not to love about extra money?!
  • I have a set routine for hair washing – a Sunday Evening is when I have a pamper session (usually whilst Aaron’s on the PlayStation shouting at the telly, not realising how loud he is with his enormous headset I got him for Christmas) and enjoy knowing exactly what I’ll be doing. I’m a routine kinda gal and proud of it!
  • If my hair is looking a bit limp and pretty minging, I’ll use some talcum powder to jazz it up a bit and make it look a bit fresher – I’d deffo recommend if you’re a blondie like me as it’s a look cheaper than dry shampoo!

    Sixth Day Hair
    Sixth Day Hair

Plaited Wavy Hair

I’ll admit, this is easier to do in the winter where it’s not sweltering hot and I’m not sweating all over the joint – come summer I’ll probably up it to two washes a week, but for now, I’ll be laying on my greasy head enjoying the free time I have from not continuously washing my hair.