Blogger Identity Crisis

If you’re a blogger, whether that be fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, gaming – whatever your niche may be, I’m sure that at some point in your blogging journey (or career if you’ve managed to make that happen – very well done friend!) you’ve questioned who you are as a blogger. Questions such as; is my layout as good as blah blah’s? Should I do that style of post because it went really well for so and so? Will I ever make it a career if I continue doing what I’m doing? Are my posts reflective of who I am as a person?

The thing I’m coming to realise is that jealousy/comparison is going to be the beginning of the end for your blog if you continue to let it dictate what you’re doing. I’ve purposefully stayed away from the pastel colours, white building backgrounds of my outfit of the day shots, I don’t go out with the intention of doing a photo shoot of an outfit – because I’m not your conventional fashion blogger. I don’t enjoy doing all of that stuff and feel that if I morphed into that kind of girl, then I would have lost what the Fashion Faux Pas of Gabrielle is – a funny view of fashion failures. This blog falls into the fashion category, but doesn’t fit in with the crowd because I don’t want to succumb to the “proper ways” of doing things. There are definitely elements of this site I’d like to improve, but I’m holding off until the anniversary of my WordPress plan (I decided to upgrade to premium in May last year *eye roll*) before I go self-hosted – but I don’t stress about it, because that’s the journey I’m on right now and I was the moron that didn’t research going self-hosted before shelling out the cash on a plan that didn’t allow me to do everything I wanted to do.

Awkward Fashion Blogger

I don’t strive for people to want to wear what I am, but if people like what I’m wearing and want the same for themselves – that’s great! It’s not the be all and end all of why I’m doing what I’m doing. I want people to read this blog and laugh as they think to themselves “I totally get what you mean – I remember this one time I bought something on eBay that I was assured was 110% genuine, but it turned out to be fake as fuck, I then spent 2 months trying to get my money back from the robbing bastard when one day the money just appeared in my PayPal account” because I like to relate to my readers. I want to grow a network of people that share funny stories about their own trials and tribulations with not just fashion, but hair, beauty and life in general – because not everyone is a perfectly polished fashion/lifestyle/beauty/food blogger without a care in the world and I’m very aware of that, because I sure as hell am not.

Despite all of the above, I’ve still had moments where I’ve questioned myself and wondered whether I was continuing to be true to myself and what I set out to do with this blog when I created it two years ago. I’ve wondered whether I should be spending my weekends taking endless photos (most of which I wouldn’t use anyway), for blog posts where the photos weren’t really relevant to what I was talking about, or if I should re-think the colour scheme I’ve gone for, debating whether my fonts were fitting enough and if I should have written something in a funnier way, amongst various other crazy thoughts.

As a result of this thought process/”revelation”, I’ve re-thought about what I won’t be doing any more of;

  • Wishlists
  • How to Style…
  • Top Trends (not that I’ve ever done this before lol)
  • How I Wore…
  • Any other stereotypical fashion blogger posts

Instead, I’ll be doing the reverse of everything above, in an anti-fashion blogger style. I like to be different, I don’t want to follow the crowd and will be damned if I spend my free time on weekends dressing up for a photo shoot when I could be binge-watching my latest Netflix obsession (just finished season 4 of Grace & Frankie and have started on the Good Place- definitely recommend both), whilst I come up with some new post ideas for the coming week.

I’ll still be writing my usual discount fashion review series posts – I’m waiting on another order at the moment so should have something up shortly, provided it turns up soon. I’ll also be covering some unspoken, potentially taboo fashion topics – because I like to ruffle some feathers once in a while 😉

If you’re a blogger (no matter your niche!) I’d love to hear your thoughts on having an identity crisis – is this something you’ve struggled with, how have you overcome it and what do you think about following the crowd?

If you’re not a blogger – do you see a lot of the same thing when you read certain blogs and what makes something stand out to you?