Why I wish I was a little bit taller!

Drowning in Fabric

I wrote a post almost two years ago about how I wish I was 5 foot 6 (I’ve been reading back on some of my older posts that I can rework and refresh for my newer readers) and thought this would be a fun one to revamp for you all – because apparently I’ve decided that the internet needs ANOTHER POST ABOUT BEING A SHORT GIRL. So here’s why I wish I was a little bit taller (I wish I was a baller… lol jk, I’m terrible at sports).

Short girl - tall boyfriend

I could wear flares and not worry about looking like a little dumpling, drowning in fabric. I don’t know what it is, but wearing flared trousers instantly makes me look like someone chopped half a foot off of my legs so I’m this four foot nothing bundle of fabric.

Drowning in Fabric

I could buy regular trousers, dresses, skirts (anything really) from a regular store range and not worry about taking them up because I’m a short arse. I do a lot of sewing for friends and family, so taking the hems up on clothing is a pretty standard thing for me to do – but when it comes to my own clothes I CANNOT be bothered.

Jeans too Long GIF

I could reach things on the top shelf in the kitchen and not have to hear Aaron chuckling away, watching me struggle until he waltzes over with his 6 foot 5 self and grabs what I want. Normally to save face, I jump up to sit on the kitchen side, turn around and am able to grab what I’m after – being this small requires lots of work arounds for day to day things.

Short girl can't reach top shelf

I wouldn’t have a constant shower head struggle everyday with Aaron putting it on the highest point and me having to drag it all the way back down if I don’t want to wash my hair that day (or give the entire bathroom a shower- this happens whenever he showers *eyeroll*).

showerhead war

Tights wouldn’t reach my my bra when I pull them up to stop them looking saggy fanny like – I’ve found this happens with thinner, cheaper tights so maybe I need to rethink where I’m buying them from…

I wouldn’t get lost so easily in a crowd – not that my hypochondriac self goes out a lot anymore (maybe I should do a post on that too lol), but it’s a pain in the arse if I ever get lost.

short not invisible

Despite all of this – I don’t think I’d truly enjoy being tall. Being little is who I am and although it’s very annoying at times – I wouldn’t change it for the world.