The things we do in the name of fashion

As a woman (it feels weird writing woman when I still feel like a girl lol), I can put my hands up and admit that I do or have done a lot of strange things in the name of fashion. It’s something that makes me chuckle when I think about it and it also got me thinking about not just what I do, but what everyone else does to keep up with the times. I did a post similar to this a couple of years ago and thought it would be fun to put a different spin on it (if you want to read the original post, make sure to check it out here). So I’m here today with some observations I’ve made about myself and pretty much the rest of the world on the weird and wonderful things we do in the name of fashion.

People are weird, so here are a few reasons why;

Wearing uncomfortable shoes because they look good

When I think about stupid shit people (myself included) do in the name of fashion, uncomfortable shoes are definitely the top thing that comes to mind – we put our feet through utter torture to look good, which when you think about it is actually pretty ridiculous. I’ve come to an age where I’ve shunned high heeled shoes in favour of comfortable flats because it makes absolutely no sense to me to wear a pair of beautiful, but torture device like, shoes on my feet. That’s not to say all flats are comfortable, I’ve had my fair share of uncomfortable flats in my time don’t get me wrong – but I’m sure we can all agree torturing our feet is a bit mental?

throw high heels

Wearing bizarre/impractical underwear because it; looks pretty, hides our lumps and bumps or claims to train our bodies to morph into a desirable shape

I’m talking waist trainers, Spanx, g-strings, thongs, bralettes – why do we need to “train” our waists, or have an everlasting wedgie, boil alive wearing Spanx that’ll hide our lumps and bumps? Sometimes I get it – us girls can feel more comfortable hiding these things, but a g-string?! Come on! Nobody enjoys having a string up their arse.

try wearing a corset

Taking endless photos of our “perfect outfit”

I’m guilty of this one – being a fashion blogger entails having to take many an outfit of the day shot to upload to the ‘gram, but isn’t it mental that we all stress over getting the “perfect” shot of our perfect outfit? I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty vain and I’m not ashamed to admit that – but I do sometimes sit back and wonder whether people think there’s more to me than being that vain cow, always sharing pictures of herself and talking about how she bought this crappy dress online. There’s obviously more to me than that (shit got unintentionally deep) and I do hope that my words outweigh some of my vain ways.

Trying to nail the perfect pose GIF

Mimicking our favourite celebrities/bloggers/vloggers/models/reality stars’ style

Isn’t it crazy to think that we put these people on a pedestal and want EVERYTHING that they have? I’m all for getting some inspo from these kinds of people, but to outright copy everything they’re wearing seems excessive!

i love you gif

Wearing barely there clothes that don’t keep us warm

No tights in the winter?! No thank you. Wearing your jacket off the shoulders for that chic look? You’re insane. I know most of us do these things for a great picture to share online, but let’s not mistake that for ACTUALLY wearing it like that when you’re likely to get frostbite.

tights are not pants

Wearing clothing which doesn’t serve a purpose

I’ve got a whole post dedicated to this point which you can check out here, so I won’t delve too deep into this one, but I can’t get my head around things that don’t serve a purpose. Yes it’s great to look cool, but IMO clothing needs a purpose. Leg-warmers, corset belts, see-through PVC panels, distressed knitwear, gilets – I could go on, but I’ll end it there as I think you get the gist.


Spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds on the latest trends to keep up with fast fashion

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten a bit wiser to the ways of how I spend money and one of my main issues over the years has been spending money on trend led clothing which will be out of fashion before you know it. Not only is it bad for your bank account, but fast fashion can wreak havoc on the environment. When you chuck out a pair of trousers that were covered in that “must-have” print from last season (darling, duck print wasn’t going to last long was it?), they may well end up in landfill because nobody in their right mind is going to buy them from you on eBay. Especially if they’ve got a huge mayonnaise stain on from that one night you went out and ended up getting covered in it in the middle of the kebab shop (no joke, I witnessed this happening in front of my very eyes).

too much fashion

Let me know if you’ve got any other crazy things that people do in the name of fashion in the comments below and I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Now I’m going to go and re-think my fashion choices in life and cry into the curry that I’ve ordered  – because it’s payday and this girl can’t be without her celebratory curry!img_1969


31 thoughts on “The things we do in the name of fashion

  1. I agree with the heel one, I hardly ever wear them because they honestly just ruin your night out! Yeah I also really agree with the distressed knitwear, it’s so pointless. I also don’t see the point in cold shoulder knitwear, yeah it does look nice but in the end you’ll just end up being cold.

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  2. This was so funny to read. I’m not one for outfit shots or buying excessive amounts of clothes but the uncomfortable shoe thing I can totally relate too! I have had a black sparkly pair or bordello heels that are so painful to wear but they look incredible on.

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  3. I’m wayyyyy too much of a dress for comfort kind of girl, I just can’t cope if my feet are in agony, I’m freezing cold and god forbid those g strings, I’ll never wear them! I did it once and I learnt my lesson. I totally agree with you on copying celebrities etc as well, it’s cool to take inspo but I think having your own twist on personal style is far better! And I can’t justify some of the prices for clothes, I much prefer finding a proper bargain and shocking people when I tell them how little I spent on it! x


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  4. Oh my gosh this is all so true it hurts hahaha, I am the WORST for wearing uncomfy shoes because they look good! Only last week I nearly bought a pair of shoes that were a whole size too small just because they were so cute and didn’t have my size but realistically, how could I have ever worn them out without looking like a penguin or blistering my feet to hell?! Also I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spilt food down my favourite expensive clothes… I’m the worst. This is a great post that gave me a few giggles!
    Alice Xx

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  5. Fashion is very weird now a days, I think I liked older fashion better. While corsets aren’t fun, they had less weird outfit choices to deal with than now. I actually just wrote about fashion and how it has changed through the years, I hope you’ll check it out!

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  6. That is one thing I stopped doing a long time ago, I never wear uncomfortable heels any more, I am way too much of a wimp to suffer these days haha living in London and needing to walk a long way often just makes it impossible. Now I am overly stubborn about it, I will never go back 😀 I am all about comfort these days!

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