My name is Gabrielle and I’m a Topshop addict

I’ve been looking at everything in my wardrobe lately to plan out a big old sort out (as is usual for me in January), when it started to dawn on me how much stuff I have from Topshop – I think I have a potential problem, but could also stand here and justify it as they just have the best stuff? Who am I kidding – I think both 😂

You’re probably wondering what this post has to do with anything and so far, I’d grant you that question. But there is a point to what I’m sharing today, I’m going to show you everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that I currently have in my wardrobe from my beloved Topshop, talk about why I love each piece, why I’d recommend it and link it where possible. Get prepared people, this might be a long one!

Nine Pairs of Jeans

Okay, I know I’ve only pictured eight pairs here, but forgive me for wearing a pair whilst shooting these photos – I have to say that for someone petite like me, Topshop has the best range of good-fitting jeans available on the high street. If I want a new pair of jeans, I don’t tend to look elsewhere as I know exactly where I stand with them. I’ve got a few different styles and multiple colours of them – because I’m the kind of person that buys something in ever colour if I like it #sorrynotsorry – I’ve currently got the following styles;

  • Four pairs of the Leigh Jeans – a classic style without a high waist and skinny legs, a quite thin denim. I’ve got two pairs in a mid-blue wash, khaki and black (you’ll notice I stick to a skinny fit being little as wider leg jeans make me look short and stumpy)
  • Two pairs of Joni jeans – very high waisted skinny jeans without pockets, really stretchy and thicker than the Leigh jeans. I’ve got a black pair with rips in the knees and a white pair
  • Two pairs of Jamie jeans – the denim on these are a lot thicker than the last two styles and a lot more hard wearing, making them my favourites! I’ve got these in a dark-blue wash and tan
  • One pair of Lucas jeans – these are looser fitting than the rest of the ones I have, are probably about the same thickness of the Jamie jeans and don’t have too much stretch in them. I prefer to wear these in the summer with some sandals and a nice tee as they’ve got some rips in them

Five Shirts

I’ve had a lot of shirts from Topshop over the years and love how all of them are a different take on a staple piece. Again, I’ve only pictured four here as I’m wearing one as I write this (it’s exactly the same as the pink one pictured here, but in white) – but they’re well made, not too structured and great to wear over-sized.

Four Coats/Jackets

I LOVE Topshop for coats and jackets – the grey tailored coat is my most recent addition which Aaron bought me for Christmas (check out my What I Got for Christmas post here), but the rest of them are over a year old, all of which have stood the test of time! If you want a classic/timeless style, that isn’t too pricey and is made really well – Topshop is the place to go.

Four Dresses

The latest addition to my Topshop dress collection is the gorgeous red-wine coloured corduroy pinafore dress which I was pining after for months before Aaron got me it for Christmas! The other three pictured above are staples which have remained in my wardrobe for well over a year as again, they’re well made, timeless and can be styled in so many different ways. I think the key for me when purchasing clothes is to make sure I’m getting some bang for my buck!

Three Jumpers/Cardigans

I’ve had all of these jumpers for well over two years and continue to wear all of them on a regular basis – my favourite has got to be the speckled grey, rib knit. It goes with everything, is thick enough to keep you warm, but not so thick it makes you hot. Topshop do some great one off knitwear pieces, although whenever I need any I can’t seem to find something I like!

Similar grey jumper linked here

Similar pink jumper linked here

Two Blazers

I love these structured blazers, they’re very well made, are lined properly and just LOOK expensive. I’d love to add to my collection of blazers, but usually wait for the sales to come around before investing – because they’re well made, quality garments, they tend to be pretty expensive!

Similar Check Blazer Linked Here

So there you have it, quite a lot of stuff from one store – let me know in the comments below if you think I’m obsessed/have a problem or just have good taste!


Please note that this post contains“>affiliate links meaning I may get a commission if you purchase anything through them – it doesn’t cost you any extra, but is a nice gesture to me!


16 thoughts on “My name is Gabrielle and I’m a Topshop addict

    1. 😂😂😂 they’ve all been bought over the years not at once – but yeah, I dread to think how much dollar I’ve dropped in there😂 I justify it by how much wear I get out of stuff – I won’t buy trend led stuff cos it’s too expensive, but staples I’ll go to town on xx


  1. I love your style!! I’ve always wanted a pair of Topshop jeans but whenever I find one I like they never have my size! And the coats are just dreamy 😍 xx

    Sophia | Sophia’s Sphere |

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