Finding your personal style

Personal style is a term that we hear thrown around a lot in the world of fashion. It’s something we all strive to and some of us never seem to quite find. I started this blog almost two years ago in the hope that I could find my own personal style and take you all along on my journey, as my initial tag line went – documenting my trials and tribulations with finding my personal style.

I read a post the other day by Rosa Fairfield on Oh! Lucky Darling called “Has Quirky Gone Mainstream?” which really reasonated with me (make sure to go check it out!)

I’ve always been told that I’ve always worn really quirky, different things – but to me, I don’t see it. I don’t see me being stand out from anyone else in terms of style because in comparison to the mass of fashion bloggers out there – what I wear isn’t much different. Which brings me back to why Rosa’s post reasonated so much – I don’t see me being quirky with my style, because everyone is these days!

As I’m sure you’ll have gathered from a lot of posts during December, I’m using a lot of my time this month to reflect on everything from my progress in growing this blog to the most worn items in the wardrobe. So I thought it only fitting to give you all an overview of what I’ve learnt on my journey to finding my personal style.

I don’t like trends much

That’s not to say I don’t wear any kind of trend led pieces, but as I’ve gotten older, work a full time job, have responsibilities and bills to pay – spanking a wad of cash on something that I won’t wear next season seems pointless to me now. I also don’t like wearing something which I know everyone else is going to be rocking when I head on out for a day of shopping, a very rare night out on the town or for a date night with Aaron. If I see something I like that’s on trend, I make a point of not spending more than £15 (if you’ve read a lot of my older posts you’ll have heard me bang on about this) because I’d rather put that money towards our wedding next year or a house we plan on buying at some point (and the way that house prices are going it’ll probably be when I’m 40 lol).

I love staple/timeless pieces

This kind of ties in with the last point and a post I wrote a little while back about saving money on fashion (make sure to check it out here if you haven’t already). But I like to put my money into where I can see it – in my wardrobe 😉

All jokes aside, doesn’t it make more sense to invest more in staple pieces which will stand the test of time, than to waste money on throwaway fashion – in the long run it’s better for your pocket and the environment too!

That there’s no such thing as a staple personal style for me
I’ve found that my personal style is constantly evolving and I could never claim to have one day had a light bulb moment and found it. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gone through lots of stages of personal style and it’s only since I’ve hit my mid-twenties that I’ve come to the conclusion that for me – there’s no such thing.

I did the whole trend thing as a teen, tried to be a trend setter by rocking the latest stuff out on the high street, being the edgy girl that overloads on accessories and rocks a band tee – and when I thought I’d found it, I’d get a bit older and find something else which I thought spoke to me as being simply “Gaby”.

I guess what I’m trying to get across in this post is that finding your personal, signature style is an endless journey. As your life and priorities change, your style evolves with it. And you know what? In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t find it.

Sorry if you came here to find a solution and I haven’t really provided one as such – but I think only you can truly know what kind of style speaks to you and I’m not here to tell you all how to dress 😉



18 thoughts on “Finding your personal style

  1. I absolutely love your style lovely! I think it suits you so well! I don’t enjoy following trends either, but I love the forever changing world of fashion and potentially finding more stuff that could suit me better! Xx

    Sophia | Sophia’s Sphere | 🌺

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  2. It is really weird that what used to be considered “quirky” or “emo” and made fun of has now become mainstream fashion like metal band t-shirts and super chunky shoes etc. I totally agree on not spending a lot on trends too, I find it so silly that people buy pieces that are so disposable! I’ll only spend a lot of money on an item if I know i’ll get a hell of a lot of wear out of it!
    Alice Xx

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