Selling shit on eBay

Selling shit on eBay

We all know that we should be donating clothes to charity or trying to sell our old clobber on good old eBay – but how many of us actually take the time out to do so?! I know for one I’m more of chuck it in a bag, donate to charity or family that love my clothes (there’s often bickering about who I give it to), but I decided that I should put some items up for sale to make some extra cash to invest in materials for my new Etsy store My Fashion Faux Pas (make sure to check out my store opening announcement here).
I’ve not sold anything on there since my uni days when I was a broke arse student trying to make some extra pennies to buy a pack of fags down the shop or a bottle of something for pre-drinks before a night out in town, so I was quite surprised with the amount of changes there have been for sellers! Here are a couple of small changes they’ve made;

  1. LISTING ITEMS IS FREE?!! Since when?!
  2. There are a lot more options available when selecting item specifics – you can select from a list of seasons, occasions, styles (Kim Kardashian is apparently a style of clothing lol) among many other things
  3. eBay pre-fills some specifics based on what you title the item – for example I listed a Topshop size 8 jumper and it automatically categorised it into women’s clothing, tops, Topshop, Size 8! What is this wizardry?!
  4. It also suggests prices based on what others have sold and listed. This is helpful when you’re not sure if you’re cherished Topshop shirt should start bidding at 99p or £4 – very handy!

So I listed 10 items all in all and was happy that after a day I’d already received a bid on a bag I’d bought from Sainsbury’s of all places 😂
I only managed to sell half of the bits coming to a total of £12 – not bad for a clear out! I posted 3 of the items and am waiting for payment on the last 2 (very annoying) but it was a success! I’ve just re-listed the items that didn’t sell and am hoping for a success, but will make good use of them if they don’t end up selling again.
Moral of the post? List some stuff on eBay, you may well be surprised by how much you earn! Let me know in the comments below about your eBay selling/buying stories, wins and fails (I boughta bundle of clothes that stunk of stale fags that included a purple top covered in orange butterflies recently. I also managed to nab a genuine Mulberry purse for £50 from a man who’s wife had left him – heartless? Yes. Any regrets? None).

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