How to revamp your white shirt

A while back I shared a post about me wanting to re-discover some pieces in my wardrobe, if you haven’t read it yet make sure to check it out here.

So first up in a series of posts, I wanted to go in easy and revamp a plain white shirt I have. It seems so simple, but just changing the buttons on a shirt can totally transform it! Here’s what it looked like originally before the revamp;

A nice plain white cotton shirt. Nothing special!

What you’ll need;

  1. A plain shirt (I happened to pick white, but it doesn’t matter what colour you pick)
  2. Some buttons to change over
  3. A stitch ripper to remove the old buttons
  4. A needle and thread in the colour of your shirt (again, I chose white as it’s the colour of the shirt)

I went onto eBay and found these cute little copper buttons (if you’d like to buy some too, you can find them here) I ordered 10 buttons and got to work (whilst watching Keeping up with the Kardashians – because I’m slightly obsessed right now) with removing the old and sewing on the new ones;

And here’s what the finished look is like;

Stay tuned for some more How To posts where I’ll be showing you how to change up the neckline of a dress (there’s also a video to go along with it!)


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