The Bargain of 2017

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a handbag addict and a sucker for a label. My dream is to be able to afford a brand new Mulberry or a classic Chanel bag, but that’s way out of my price range (for now). I know that I’ve been banging on about us needing to save money for the wedding and mortgage, but this urge couldn’t be controlled today. Aaron and I popped into TK Maxx on our way to my Dad and Step Mum’s this lunchtime as he needed to get some socks for work (the old hillbilly has been rocking some holey socks this week). As we were about to go to the till, I said I wanted to have a mooch at their handbags (as per because – hello handbag addict). I was chatting away saying I’d like to get a red one because red is pretty on trend right now when I found the bargain of all bargains. A reddy brown, medium sized Michael Kors bag for £149.99! I looked at it, looked again and started to look around the other colours when I found “the one”. The same bag but in a greyish colour for the same price! Aaron was watching me with amusement and finally said he would give me £70 towards it (I think he’s still feeling guilty for deserting me for a week to go fishing in France).

SOLD! A girl at the till next to us had to second glance and ask whether that was actually a Michael Kors – smug face over here confirmed it was indeed. Once we got into the car, I had a look online to see whether the RRP was indeed £315 as per the tag – and the closest match I found was actually £360! I’m over the moon with this and wanted to share my bargain of 2017 with you all and a reminder to check out TK Maxx if you’re after a Michael Kors bag – you never know what you might find!


9 thoughts on “The Bargain of 2017

  1. Beautiful bag! Seriously, I was considering this Burberry bag… because I would happily keep the same bag for 10 years, but I buy crap ones from Target that live for 6 months before dying ugly deaths. My Kate Spade wallet is beautiful, I abuse it terribly, and it looks just as good now as when I bought it almost four years ago

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    1. Thank you! I’ve got a second hand mulberry purse I’ve had for years – got it from a guy on eBay who’s wife had left him, score for me but not for him lol! I think paying a little bit extra when you know you’ll use it loads is worth it!


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