Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review 

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review 

So it’s been forever since I last reviewed a foundation for you all and for today’s post I thought I’d give you some thoughts on a new foundation I recently added to my collection that has been highly rated by many a beauty blogger! 
We’ve recently had a Debenhams store open in a local town and me being me just had to get Aaron to cart me over to have a mooch at everything (the anniversary of my last seizure can’t come soon enough – I’m missing driving a hell of a lot right now). 
I love a fresh department store and the main reason for my visit was to smell the new perfume by Coco Chanel – Gabrielle. I just had to know what my namesake perfume smelt like and whether it could be a potential signature scent (for the record – it was divine and very me, but would require me needing to forgo lunch for a few weeks which I’m not willing to do). 

Image Courtesy of Debenhams

So you can imagine my excitement at the amount of makeup stalls with some of my all time favourite brands showcasing their most beautiful products! And among them was a new to the UK Kat Von D stand with a lovely assistant who enlightened me with a golden nugget of information that I indeed have a warm skintone and not a neutral like I’ve been led to believe for over a year! 

It’s no wonder I’ve been looking washed out for a while! 
Anyway, I digress, let’s get onto the review! 
Colour, Consistency and Coverage 
The colour match the girl at the counter got me was spot on! They’ve got a huge variety of shades available in cool, neutral and warm undertones all in varying shades which is a plus in my book. 

The coverage is amazing and has been great at hiding the scarring from my recent breakouts since being poorly – the coverage is similar to that of Estée Lauder Doublewear but isn’t so cakey looking or thick but more dewy and lightweight. 

Unlike Doublewear, this needs a setting powder to make sure it stays put all day. I’ve been using my NYX loose setting powder to finish off my look – but doing this makes sure it stays place for most of the day! I’ve been reaching 5 o clock after a long day at work without looking totally wiped out from a day of managing customer service. 
My skin has been so much clearer since I’ve been using this foundation, I’m not sure if it’s down to the amount of water I’ve been downing in my attempt to have a healthy liver or a combination of my change in foundation and water ingestion. 
The colour, consistency and coverage is amazing. The longevity can withstand my incessant need to touch my face all day, so in my mind – this is a fantastic foundation and may possibly be my top favourite! 


  1. September 26, 2017 / 10:33 am

    Ahh you’ve given me an excuse to go shopping 😍😍

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