Potentially Unpopular Fashion Opinion

So after a recent Twitter poll, I decided to bite the bullet and upload this one! 21 people all voted in favour of the upload, so I’m sticking by my opinion and am prepared for any potential repercussions of this. 

A bit of a controversial one I know, but I hate clothes with cartoons on. I feel like this post may divide many an opinion and a disclaimer, I apologise if I offend anyone with my view – that’s not my intention, I just don’t like it for me.
I can deal with cartoon pyjamas, but that’s about it. 

Any clothing/accessory with a Disney character on makes me cringe, anything that’s got the logo of a well known cartoon show makes my eyes sore. There is no explanation for why I don’t like it – there’s nothing that triggered my hatred, I just can’t stand it! And with the high street overflowing with cartoon adorned clothing, my dislike grows even more. 

Photo Credit: Primark
Photo credit: Primark

I also hate any clothing/ accessory that’s  Unicorn/Mermaid themed (unless it’s hair – that shit be pretty). Why does everyone want to be a bloody Unicorn/Mermaid?! We all know they’re not real people. 

Photo credit: Primark

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the cuteness of a little Unicorn cup, or a Disney quote on a notebook – but do we have to parade our childhood heros out into the world when we’re adults living adult lives?! 

I think not. Which is one of the reasons I won’t be partaking thank you very much. 

I can’t say I’ve been totally immune to this kind of trend, some evidence of this is below when I went fishing with Aaron many moons ago;

Let me know if you think I’m being an a-hole or if you’re with me! 

Until next time… 

Gaby xxx