Fashion review series – Nasty Dress 

Fashion review series – Nasty Dress 

In the firing line today is Nasty Dress. This is yet another store that came up on my newsfeed and was added to the list of ever growing online retailers that I planned on reviewing.
I placed my order on 20th July (payday people) and added the following items;

✅ Wide selection of items available – although some not to my taste
✅ PayPal was a payment option
❌ Shipping options were expensive if you wanted items sooner and flat rate shipping was more expensive, but took longer than priority direct mail
❌ The page took ages to load when I submitted my order

So what arrived and how was the quality? 
The first thing to come was the swimsuit – I thought this was a bit odd as I knew I’d ordered more than 1 thing. When the parcel came I did think it seemed rather small, but I got my camera out and filmed an unboxing anyway. 
The swimsuit was lovely and true to the picture, very flattering and the colours were gorgeous! There was a tiny little nick where the it must have been caught in the sewing machine, but it’s something I can sort!
On first impressions, I wasn’t a massive fan of the playsuit, but once I tried it on it was a totally different story! Once it’s had a good iron it’ll be perfect! The fabric was a nice weight, the fit was lovely and it draped really nicely!

The sunglasses were cute, didn’t feel really cheapy and looked pretty good! I haven’t decided whether they suit me or not, but that’s not the fault of Nasty Dress!
Would I buy from them again and recommend? 
I think I would! I liked everything I received, it wasn’t too expensive and the quality was pretty good for the price!
Make sure to check out my first impressions video to see everything in live action!
I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to let me know  in the comments if you’ve got anywhere you’d like me to review!
Until next time…
Gaby xxx


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