Testing Petite Styling Tips – Dresses that flare out 

Testing Petite Styling Tips – Dresses that flare out 

So I realise I haven’t added to this series for a while and realised that I’d already worn a dress that flares out recently! 
In case you haven’t read my original post, check it out here.
Here’s a reminder of the hacks/tips we’re testing out in this series, basically telling us short/petite girls what to avoid when styling our outfits;

I’ve already given my conclusions on Calf Length Hemlines, Horizontal Stripes and Oversized Accessories, so thought it was about time I give my opinion on dresses that flare out! 

Here’s a recent snap of me rocking (pretty well I think) a mini skater dress that flares out. 
I think the point of this tip is to avoid drowning yourself in fabric, but if the hemline is short enough for your proportions, then this style can work for petite girls. 
For shits and gigs, I’ve inserted an old snap of a dress that flares out and doesn’t look very flattering to emphasise my point;
This is a photo I featured in one of my first ever blog posts; The Online Shop Disaster
So to conclude; yes you can wear dresses that flare out – just make sure the length is right for you! 


  1. October 1, 2017 / 1:26 am

    At 5’1, I’m always looking for petite styling tips! So many trends right now only suit long-legged ladies. As you say, it’s all about making sure the hemline is right! No one can rock a mini like short girls can. 🙂

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