Testing petite girl styling tips – Oversized Accessories 

Third up in the testing petite styling tips series is avoiding oversized accessories. Now this could be interpreted in a couple of ways (i.e it could mean anything from handbag to sunglasses) but my common sense says it’s referring to handbags as that’s what is pictured. 

I’ve only got one oversized handbag from Topshop which I bought a couple of years ago – it’s a long time fave and usually makes an appearance when I’m out for the night as it can hold so much stuff in! 

However for the purpose of this post, I decided to trawl through old photos (I also found one of me rocking an old oversized Mulberry bag too) and pull out my trusty bag to wear a couple of times this week to put the theory to the test;

I love this handbag and I don’t think it dominates my overall looks – if anything I feel sassy AF rocking an oversized bag! 

If anything makes me look smaller, it’s my 6ft5 fiancé 😂

So is there any justification to this styling tip? I personally think no – I think defining what constitutes as oversized would give a better understanding as to what the purpose of this tip is, but small girls can rock oversized accessories and not worry about looking smaller! 

Until next time… 

Gaby xxx