Testing Short Girl Styling Tips

I love to try out new things and thought this would be a good series of posts to trial these so called tips and really put them to the test – all in the name of fashion and helping the internet in finding out if these are a pile of crap. 

I found the following image on Pinterest which was the inspiration for this series;

Each week, I’ll be testing out whether there’s some truth to these tips and first up I’m starting with horizontal stripes

This is the first one I’m going to trash as a load of bollocks. I love each and every one of these outfits and in all of them I’m wearing horizontal stripes. 

I don’t think it’s unflattering and don’t think it makes me look shorter. I’ve tried out various types of stripe – thicker to thinner, to make sure I’ve tested this and I’m quite confident that this is a load of old tosh that petite girls don’t need to listen to! 

To be honest – I feel sassy AF! 

Let me know if you agree or disagree, but my first conclusion is – wear the bloody horizontal stripes if you want to! 

Until next time… 

Gaby xxx


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