Shein Online Shopping Review 

Next up in the fashion review series today  is Shein! Now it’s another online store I found on Facebook and I liked the look of some of the trend pieces they had.

So I chose 4 pieces – 2 t-shirts (although I don’t look like a stereotypical Black Sabbath girl, I’m a bit of a fan 😉), a gold leaf belt which I really liked the look of and a cold shoulder shift dress in my fave colour of the season.

How was the shopping experience? 

The online shopping experience was good, shipping took a while and was on the pricier side if you wanted your items sooner than 6-10 working days from dispatch.

✅ PayPal as a payment option

✅ Wide selection of on trend items

What arrived & how was the quality? 

All items arrived and they weren’t that great! I’m not convinced by the labels claiming to be 100% cotton as they feel very synthetic, stretchy and cheap.

The Black Sabbath t-shirt is the best of the bunch and definitely something I’ll wear multiple times.

Would I recommend them? 

During filming, I would have said yes. However, off camera I tried on everything and hated the dress and Deathly Hallows logo top. They both had 100% cotton written in the label and I wasn’t convinced – the fit of the dress was awful – very baggy and cheap feeling – you can actually hear how synthetic it is in my first impressions video!

So no I wouldn’t recommend them and would direct you to reputable online retailers (Asos being BAE!)

Make sure to check out my unboxing and first impressions video below as I feel that it probably expresses my hatred in a better way than written words and you can see the products in video form.

Let me know if you’ve shopped with Shein and what your thoughts are on them – feel free to disagree with me, I’m open to a debate!

Until next time…

Gaby xxx