Making use of old wardrobe pieces 

This post was inspired by the lovely Sophie of Sophar So Good – make sure you check her out as she has some great content to binge read when you’re in a style rut! 

She’s introduced a mini-series where she’s making her wardrobe work harder and given that I’m off sick at the moment and not knowing how long I’ll be paid for the time I’ve had to take out (god damn you hepatitis E!) I thought it would be good to do the same for my wardrobe too! 

I’m going to continue reviewing the random online stores that you see popping up on Facebook, but won’t be splashing loads of cash and limiting how many I write  (it’s become a bit of an obsession and probably not good for the old bank account!) I’ve got a wedding to save for and need to be realistic about how much I’m investing (let’s be real – pissing up the wall) in my wardrobe.

So here are a few rules I’m going to try to stick by and you guys need to call me out if it looks like I’m not following them!

  1. As always, I won’t be spending more than £15 on an individual trend led item 
  2. I’ll limit myself to just 2 online store reviews a month 
  3. For each review, I won’t spend more than £20 each shop
  4. I’ll do a post each week on how I style one single item in 4 different ways 
  5. I’m going to sort through my wardrobe on a regular basis and sort through the crap I’ve accumulated 

If you haven’t already read them, make sure to check out some of my fashion review posts on Miss Bella, Everything5pounds and Romwe.

And make sure to stay tuned for reviews on Gamiss and Shein (the orders have been made and are taking a while to be delivered 🙄).

Until next time… 

Gaby xxx


4 thoughts on “Making use of old wardrobe pieces 

  1. ‘Lets be real…pissing up the wall’ HAHA that cracked me up, I know the feeling, I seem to be very good at ‘investing’ in things I don’t need! Excited to see your styling posts – the outfits in the pics in this post are all gorge! Sophie xxx

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