Romwe Online Shopping Review 

Third up in my fashion review series is the global brand Romwe.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about them so wanted to see what they were like for myself. As it’s still a couple of weeks until payday I didn’t want to spend over £25 – girl gotta live and save for a wedding here!

On first impressions, I liked that they were offering discount codes to new customers, so registered to get my 60% off code.

Unfortunately you needed to spend £22.96 to qualify for the discount and with the added cost of shipping (which was a tad on the pricier side), I wasn’t prepared to do that – bit of a let down, but we’ll continue!

As per my last review on Miss Bella, they get a thumbs up for having PayPal as a payment option, there was also an option to add shipping insurance – I thought this was odd but assumed that as it’s coming from abroad, this would be sensible to add.

I was impressed by the selection and prices of the items, but ended up adding the 3 following bits into my cart;

So I ordered on the 6th of June and my parcel arrived on the 13th so a week to arrive – not too bad!

So what arrived? 

  • A black playsuit – I hate this. The quality of fabric is awful and doesn’t look like it does on the website at all. For £8.79 I’m not going to bother returning it, but that was a fail and definite fashion faux pas! Aaron said it looked like a bin bag and you know what? I have to agree!

  • A straw hat – I’m in love with this and how it’s super Instagrammable! It’s not too bad quality and looked like it did on the website – definite winner!

  • White t-shirt with NOPE on it – this was another win and I’m in love! Unfortunately I ended up getting blood on it from a scratch on my ribs 🙄😩 but that’s fine! Very on trend, reasonably priced and not bad quality either – we’ll just have to see how it washes 😉

Overall I’m 50/50 on Romwe, the playsuit totally ruined it for me and has kind of put me off ordering again!

Make sure to check out my latest First Impression/Unboxing video on my channel below!

Let me know what you think and about your experiences with Romwe and whether you’re enjoying this fashion review series as much as I’m enjoying writing them!

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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