Life update 

Life update 

So I’ve been quite proud of the fact I’ve been consistent in uploading 3 posts a week, however I’ve not met that this week and I’m gutted – but there is a valid reason! 
I’ve got another fashion review that’s due to be uploaded shortly and was planning on finishing it up Tuesday afternoon when the parcel arrived. However, I’d been feeling pretty rough (sickness and itching all over) and the whites of my eyes had turned a bit yellow (not ideal for recording an unboxing or taking outfit pictures!) not thinking much of it, I called the pharmacy to check whether it could be a side effect of coming off of my sertraline (I was taking them for panic attacks which I was having after my first suspected seizure, only to find that people with a history of seizures/epilepsy probably shouldn’t be taking them – makes me wonder!).
The pharmacist sounded slightly concerned as it wasn’t a typical withdrawal side effect and advised I call the doctor that afternoon. 
Well, what happened after that call was a trip to A&E, 3 nights in hospital and yet another bloody sick note! 
Turns out I’d contracted hepatitis E (and no it’s not the grim type you get from sex or dirty needles!) which had caused me to have jaundice! This old yellow bird here couldn’t bloody believe it! I’d been signed off after having a seizure and the day before I was due to go back to work,  I was shacked up for the next few days with jaundice! 
I’m sure you can imagine that I’ve not been in the best frame of mind or physical state to write up blog posts about fashion when I resemble a Simpson in colour and have been sleeping a lot! 
Say hello to my beautiful yellow eyes 👀😂

On the plus, my skin’s clearing up and the monstrous spots on my face are now dying down so… silver linings! 🤗😂
Thanks for sticking around, I promise a fashion related post will be here soon and apologise for delays! 
Until next time…
Gaby xxx


  1. Carla Kiteos
    June 16, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  2. June 19, 2017 / 10:39 pm

    Scary that something like that could come on without you even knowing it until BAM you’re feeling that horrible! I’m glad that they were able to figure out what was happening, and hope that you feel better soon!
    Britt |

    • June 20, 2017 / 5:48 am

      Tell me about it! Just glad that they figured out what it was – I thought it was a side effect of coming off of some tablets 😂 thank you!

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