Everything Five Pounds Review 

So I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook on my phone sitting in the hospital with Aaron (who’s currently recovering from surgery on his lung – sounds dramatic, but it’s not) and saw on the Money Saving Expert page that the site Everything5Pounds.com had a sale on their shoes with most of them reduced to just £1.99…£1.99 people!!! Check out the post here.

They source their stock from top high-street brands – which could include M&S, Next, Zara, Topshop and River Island – including other branded and unbranded items directly from manufacturers and sell everything online for just £5!

So I obviously had to click and scroll until I found something that wasn’t too cheapy/tacky looking, add it into my basket and make the snap decision that I would be writing up a review on the blog about the experience and quality of what arrived.

They don’t actually disclose the brand on the website and everything has the labels cut out, so getting a particular brand is pot luck.

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes – with those plus the cost of shipping, my grand total was £7.98 – for 2 pairs of shoes AND shipping!!

So this is what they looked like on the website;



I just know that Aaron’s going to hate the boots – but I don’t care, they’re so frickin cool 😎 

So, let’s get on with the review. 

What arrived? 

Well, they arrived in good time and they were indeed the same as they were on the website! However, I’m having some second thoughts on the boots – I’m going to need to experiment with styling them a bit, but for £1.99 I can’t complain! 

Can you tell if it’s a branded piece and if so, what brand?! 

Not known brands, but the boots came in dust bags – that’s a winner in my books!


They’re pretty much what I expected in terms of quality – think the discount store that stocks the random brands you’ve never heard of and could always rely on to get your trusty Miss Sexy school trousers from and you’ve got an idea of the quality.


The boots are a lot more comfortable than the pumps, but I reckon with a bit of wear that they’ll be a lot more comfortable. 

Check out my unboxing video on my channel here;


Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchases – I don’t feel like I’ve pissed money up the wall and think that I’ll get more than their worth in wear. Cost per wear is an important factor people! 

I’d recommend them for a bargain, it’s pot luck but I guess that’s the fun of it 😉

Let me know what you thought of this post and if you’re enjoying my shopping review series! 

Until next time… 

Gaby xxx


7 thoughts on “Everything Five Pounds Review 

  1. What a fun topic! I’ll reserve judgement about the boots though. You’re right….a bit of styling may be needed to make them ‘pop’. 🙂 I’m really unfamiliar with the UK market now so I can’t help with the lack of branding.

    I shall definitely have a peek at that site and get a feel. Nice choice sweetheart. Looking forward to the next ‘victim’! xx

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