Is there enough room on the internet for another fashion blog?! 

Today I want to talk about something that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while -especially since my post The Blogging Dream and especially so since reading a Cosmo article with Sarah Ashcroft. If you haven’t read it yet, follow this link

Is there enough room on the internet for yet another fashion blog?! 

The internet is saturated with fashion blogs; all covering similar things, with similar content and the same/similar aesthetic – flat lays of outfits on a white background, product flat lays with random props in the background (no disrespect to these posts!) I feel like every time I go on the hunt for new blogs to read that this is a recurring theme throughout them. 

So what makes me different from anyone else? Why would someone want to read my little old blog? 

It’s very disheartening and hard to get your blog off the ground and all of these blog posts/ YouTube videos with tips on how to start blogging that say “Don’t think about the numbers, if you’re doing it for the numbers you’re in it for the wrong thing” are talking utter shit. 

I’m sorry, but these bloggers/ vloggers have a HUGE following and have this as their career – you’re telling me that they don’t care about the numbers?! That’s what gives them the opportunities they have, how they earn a living and they’re able to engage with a wider audience due to this mass in following. 

I care about the numbers. Not because I’m narccisstic or because I want to be sent loads of products from brands – I just want to know that I’m able to connect with an audience that gets ME! The numbers are disheartening because you put everything into producing content and you want to share that for people to enjoy!

And you know, after reading the article in Cosmo, I felt like utter shit, disheartened and wondering if I should just throw the towel in. I’ve never been a follower of Sarah Ashcroft and definitely won’t be from now after reading that article (to be honest I’d never heard of her!) – she came across as big headed and downright rude. By publishing that comment about there not being enough room for new bloggers, she’s just dashed the hopes and dreams of so many young girls who we should be encouraging to give it their all. 

So, back to my original question – is there enough room on the internet for another fashion blogger? 

It’s a lot harder to get your blog noticed among the masses of other blogs out there and I’ve come into the mix a few years down the line where most successful bloggers have been at it for 7+ years. 

I love blogging and I know I’ve got an audience out there – I just need to find them. I like to think my blog should stand out amongst the many others because I’m funny (I think?!), I’m trying to make fun of my mishaps and giving people a real version of what we all experience. It’s lovely to read these beautiful posts with gorgeous pictures, but the thing is – it’s not real life. 

Not everyone has the money to drop on the most expensive clothes/makeup/accessories and sometimes we buy things that don’t work out – which is exactly what The Fashion Faux Pas of Gabrielle is all about. 

No one seems to document their style/beauty in this way (not that I can find anyway – please feel free to point me in the direction of someone that does!) and I think that’s why there could be a space on the ever growing internet for me – but only time will tell.

I for one won’t let a rude bloggers’ comment dishearten me anymore and hope that we all stand together to make the best of the internet – sharing is what blogging is all about so I’m sharing the love and letting everyone know that there is hope for everyone! 

Other bloggers – let me know your thoughts on the subject and whether you find it difficult to stand out in the massive crowd. 

Until next time… 

Gaby xxx