Faver.co.uk – the new Pinterest for online shopping?!

Faver.co.uk – the new Pinterest for online shopping?!

Hey Guys! For today’s post I wanted to share with you a fairly new website I found (well, they found me first – but I’m glad they did!) which is basically a one stop shop for so many things on the Internet (I won’t say everything yet, but think that’s more than likely where it’s headed!) and acts as a Pinterest type website for shopping online.
So, Faver started to follow me on Instagram and were reaching out to bloggers about becoming Brand Ambassadors – I dropped them an email to find out more as I quite liked the look of what they were doing and was surprised to find out the founder Alex lived in the next town!
Now I’m all about helping out people in our local community and wanted to do what I could and decided to test drive the site then publish an honest blog post on how my experience was.
2017-05-20 (2).png
You can connect your account through email or Facebook – I decided on Facebook as it was just easier for me. I’ve put in a screen shot of my home screen for you to see above and will quickly summarise what each tab is below;

  • Faves – This is your general list of products that you’ve ‘Faved’ it’s basically like a massive old Pinterest board where you can save items you’d like to purchase another time2017-05-20 (3)
  • Suggestions – This section is tailored to you once you’ve Faved some items – the site will bring up suggestions of things you might like based on your Fave history. I really like this section as it’s completely tailored to what you like – Rose Gold is one of the main colours of our wedding theme and this featured heavily in my recommendations!2017-05-20 (4)
  • Friends Feed – This section shows you what’s on your friend’s list and is a good insight into their deepest and darkest desires 😉
  • Lists – So this section is good if you need to plan multiple online purchases – for example, I’m going to create a list and start adding in bits that I’d like to buy for our wedding which I can find at a later date and have enough pennies in the bank to go crazy! It could also come in handy for my monthly wishlist posts I put onto my blog!

I absolutely love the concept of this and decided to really test it, I would search for something I was planning on buying and see how it fared when I went to purchase. I wanted to try out the Elite99 range of gel polishes, so decided to go ahead and search for them;
2017-05-202017-05-20 (1)
The ‘Buy Now’ button took me straight onto Amazon and let me complete my purchase through them. Personally, I’d like to see Faver have their own payment section with your details on rather than directing you to another website as this would make the shopping experience a lot easier, but I’m not entirely sure how doable that would be.
I can really see this site going places and becoming a big name in internet retail – there are some improvements that could be made that I’ve referenced above and there are some additional changes planned in their roadmap blog post, but all in all I think if they get enough of a following – the users could help drive the changes and help it reach it’s potential!
So, if you like the sound of it – come and join me by clicking here and signing up today!
Let me know if you’re a user of the site and what your thoughts are in the comments below!
Until next time…

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