Teaching myself to pose…

Although I am vain, I’m not very good at posing for photos – especially when it comes to blog photos and outfit posts.

My signature pose for pictures is to smile a big toothy smile at the camera and a tilt of the head. Take a look at a snapshot of the many different photos with the same signature smile;

So over the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to find some poses which work for me and don’t make me look like a child attempting to look like an adult (because let’s face it – girl got a baby face).

I thought this post would be a fun idea as I’m a big fan of making fun of myself and even have a video on my channel to go alongside (keep scrolling to watch it here!), which probably better shows how awkward I am.

Below are some snaps which demonstrate me attempting to be an über cool fashion blogger that knows what she’s doing (which is totally untrue and this post is me highlighting that);

So what the hell am I on about?
I’ve found that I cannot look directly at the camera because I feel massively awkward, I put my limbs in weird positions and my face just looks like a miserable child’s!

Check out my latest video where I give you a real time view of what an awkward poser I am;


Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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