Who influenced my love of clothes?! 

Who influenced my love of clothes?! 

Now, everyone has some sort of influential figure in their life that has been a source of encouragement to do something, whether that’s fashion, beauty, science, literature, sports etc. I’ve got one main person in my life that has influenced my love of fashion over the years and I thought this post was a good chance for me to acknowledge where this comes from. 
Anyone that’s met my dad knows that he’s very outlandish, outrageous and quirky in his style and personality – he’s known as the man that wears the crazy hats and it’s how I’ve always known him. My sister and I used to hide the hats we hated from him (among other things – sorry about your Gypsy Kings and Daniel Beddingfield album Dad!) but looking back now – I think his vanity was something that rubbed off on me. 

Ask Aaron and he’ll tell you I’m one of the vainest people he’s ever known. Some might find that an insult, but I love being vain and enjoy to look after how I look. It’s my way of expressing myself to the world and if I care about that, then call me vain, I don’t care 💁🏼 

My Dad is great at picking out clothes, back in the early 90’s he sent George and I to pre-school with denim dresses and Timberland boots which was unheard of where we were from. Next thing you know we’d started a trend at school! 
When my Mum left to move to America, he would go into Tammy Girl or New Look on his own to find us cool outfits to wear and would always get the on trend stuff. The cute slogan tops, the combat trousers with detachable straps on – you name it and we had it.

It was only until my birthday a couple of weeks back that I started to remember all of this. Dad went into H&M for me and picked out an outfit that was perfect 👌 and he hasn’t done that for years! He’s still got it and knows my style as well as I do! 
Not many Dad’s would do this kind of thing for their daughters and it’s now that I’m an adult reflecting on life that I really understand that. My Dad has been a nightmare over the years, we’ve clashed a lot and had many ups and downs – but he’s the greatest Dad in the world and (can’t believe I’m putting this in writing) he’s got pretty good style 😎

I love you Dad and keep on being your sassy self ❤️😘
Until next time…
Gaby xxx


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