New in my spring wardrobe! 

New in my spring wardrobe! 

You’ll notice that around my birthday and Christmas that I think I’m rolling in dollar and go on a spending spree to revamp my wardrobe. This birthday is no different and I thought I should give myself a reality check and document everything that I’ve bought myself in celebration of turning 25. 

I haven’t put these in any kind of order, but will talk you through each purchase and how I justified each one 💁🏼 

First up is my fresh tatt – if you check out my previous post on regretting tattoos, this one will make sense.

Next up was a fresh pair of white Converse – trainers are an outfit staple that is bound to stay for quite some time and I’ve managed to wear these a fair few times since I bought them! 

At the same time I purchased my Converse, I picked up this khaki green jacket. We’ve established I’ve got a thing for Khaki so this was a no brainier! Unfortunately I can’t find this online as I bought from a little boutique so sorry for no link!

I also headed online to Topshop and purchased the black skinny ripped Joni jeans I featured in my birthday wishlist post and can confirm that these are already a staple in my wardrobe! 

Next I hit up H&M with some vouchers I got for my birthday (thank you Grandma!) and added a few new staple tees to my growing collection. 

One of my favourite outfits of this post, I purchased this beaut top from River Island (more vouchers but from mum this time – thank you mummy!) for just £15! It’s the kind of top that goes with everything and will more than likely end up off-white with pit stains by the end of the year. 

The next two purchases- my black fedora from Topshop and grey pleather jacket from River Island (I can’t find the exact one but have linked a similar one). I love the hat in photos, but did notice people staring longer than usual when I rocked this into town – please let me know what you think as I’m not sure if it’s a keeper! 

And last but definitely not least is the Ted Baker bucket bag I feautured in my birthday wishlist post! Aaron bought this for me as a gift for my birthday (after returning the first one to buy another half price at £84.50!) and I’m absolutely loving it!
I’ve got a couple of other standard bits which I haven’t included in this post too – I just need to keep them out of this due to them being a) in the bag to be returned for the correct size – I can’t say I’ve mastered working out my shoe size in European sizes or b) in the wash after wearing which I haven’t gotten around to putting in the washing machine! 
Until next time… 
Gaby xxx

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