Regretting tattoos… 

Regretting tattoos… 

I got my first tattoo on my 20th birthday – my sister decided that we needed to get matching tattoos on the morning of my birthday and called around the local tattoo shops until she found one that would do it the same day (not a great start). 
We decided we wanted little feathers behind our ears and loved them when they were first done;

However, they started to fade really quickly and look more like caterpillars than feathers (I prefer how Georgie’s is placed – on the left). We both had them touched up (her more times than me), but were still unhappy with how they looked. 
This experience taught me to put some more thought into my tattoos and also who was going to be putting that needle to my skin. 
I’ve now got 6 tattoos (it sounds like loads but they’re mostly small ones) and I’m happy with all but one of them. 

3 of my tattoos are matching ones, the feather and love heart on my ankle are the same as my sister Georgie and my little flower on my arm is the same as my cousin (basically my sister) Tammy – as she would say “I’m hardcore mate, got a tattoo and everything” although that’s the only one she has 😂
Now you might be wondering what inspired this post? 
I decided that I was going to get the feather covered up – my sister was over the other night and I dubiously told her I was going to get it covered up (dreading what her reaction would be as we’d gotten them together), thankfully she said she was thinking the same thing and I let out a sigh of relief! 
So I’d messaged a lovely girl Issy that I used to work with who had left my work to go and pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. I’d been following her posts on the tatts she’d been working on and loved her work, so decided that as I had a week off, I’d see if she was free to sort out this caterpillar on my neck! 
At first I was going to get another feather done, but decided I wanted to go floral with my cover up and started playing around with an app that you can try out tattoo designs on;

If you’re really unsure, I definitely recommend giving this a go! 
So I’m assuming that after reading all of this you want to see the final look?! Or you’ve scrolled all the way through the pictures to see the point of this post? 

Issy tweaked it around a bit but I am sooooo happy with it and am glad that the old caterpillar can’t be seen anymore! 

Moral of the story? Don’t be hasty in your decision to get a tattoo, make sure you know your artist’s work and know for sure what you want! 
Let me know if you’ve got any tattoo regrets and if you’ve taken the plunge to get it covered up! 
Make sure to check out Issy’s work on Instagram @littleladytattoos ! 
Until next time…

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