MAC Velvet Teddy Dupe?

Ever since I purchased my first ever MAC lipstick last year, I haven’t shifted from my love for the shade matte velvet teddy. It’s the perfect nude shade with enough brown tone and not too pinky (for some reason every time I purchase any kind of lipstick, it has too much pink going on for me).

I love how it feels velvety smooth (by name and nature), lasts right up to lunchtime when most ends up on my sandwich and is always complimented. I am now on my second stick which is starting to run a little bit low.

I don’t like that MAC test their products on animals and I wanted to find an alternative that would save me some pennies and some animals too!

Cue a search of dupes online and I came across the NYX matte lip cream in the shade Stockholme. I made a note in my head and popped to Boots one lunchtime with Kerri-Ann (the payday draw to buy new makeup was too strong).

I found the shade match and pulled out my velvet teddy to compare;

(Excuse the fluff on the lipstick, I dropped it on the floor before taking the pic and couldn’t get it off!)

I was quite surprised at how similar they were and liked that it was a matte finish (I’m all about the matte lips 👄). I also loved that it was only £6 in comparison to the circa. £15 I was paying for my MAC Velvet teddy!

So, I’m guessing you want to see a comparison?

This is the MAC Matte Velvet Teddy (I know they test on animals, but please don’t tell me this shade isn’t fabulous AF?!)

And this was the NYX Matte cream in Scandanavia;

So was it long wearing? Yes – stayed on the same as my MAC Velvet teddy right up to lunchtime when I chomped down on my chicken wrap

Did it dry out and crack on my lips? No, I was really impressed by how hydrating this was and velvety smooth it was to apply!

Am I going to keep on using it? Hell yes! At £6 a pop, I’m more than happy to continue using it!

Let me know if you’ve got any recommendations for dupes that I should try! Help a girl out to save a pretty penny to add to the wedding fund 😉

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


4 thoughts on “MAC Velvet Teddy Dupe?

  1. Good to know, Gab! I must admit to loving matt lipstick but tend to buy as I need rather than just buying off the cuff. (you know me….not the largest make up bag in the world….lol).. Anyway, I have found a lovely lippy that’s by a company called ELF and funnily enough it’s called London Red. It’s cheap as chips but it’s long wearing and lovely and matt. One of my all time faves though has to be the classic Chanel lipstick in color 444. It’s name has a nice ring to it….. 😉 (pssst….look it up…’s spooky!)

    Big kisses on the forehead!!


    Leah (aka Mum)

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