Unexpected styling wins 

Unexpected styling wins 

Do you ever mess around putting outfits together and suddenly think, I could definitely rock that! 
Well, the outfit that inspired this post was something I threw on when shooting out the door one afternoon with Aaron;

Some grey joggers and my trusty DM’s! 
Now, some of the lads at work threw round some comments about how I look like the girl equivalent of a “road man” (I for the life of me can’t remember their exact terminology, I just translated in my brain to a chav LOL), however I really liked this outfit! 

So it got me thinking, what else could I throw together that I wouldn’t usually wear to create a new outfit that I could rock out?! 
A couple of days later, I threw on some burgundy joggers with a black peplum jumper (I’m absolutely in love with this jumper!) with my DM’s

It was such a comfy outfit and I love the colour of these joggers! I did have to get an old razor on them to remove the bobbles, but no matter! 
Next up I wanted to channel some classic 90’s grunge, with my new denim jacket (featured in the Mysterious Topshop delivery) an old Iron Maiden T-shirt of Aaron’s (that I accidentally ruined the sleeves of in our temperamental washing machine), Khaki green Leigh jeans (because Khaki is life, as is Topshop) and my staple black DM’s

I wouldn’t normally go for a style that was totally 90’s, but I am loving this look!  
I think in summary, it’s good to try different things and don’t always assume that something won’t work without trying (not just with fashion, but life!) 
Until next time…
Gaby xxx

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