Life update

Hi guys, I thought that I should share an update post on what’s happening before anyone wonders what’s happened to my fashion faux pas posts for a little while.

If you’ve followed my blog for a few months, you’ll know that back in October I suffered from what I thought at the time was an epileptic seizure, which actually turned out to be a black out/faint. 

On Friday afternoon, I unfortunately suffered from the same thing again and the doctors think it was due to the tablets I was taking for my anxiety (oh the irony right?!) dropping my blood pressure too low, causing me to black out. 

I’m terrified to leave the house on my own in case it happens again and there isn’t anyone around to help me. 

Anxiety is a word that a lot of people throw around, but until you’re under its grips, it’s hard to appreciate what an impact it has on your life. You’re constantly on hyper alert to your surroundings and it can turn you into a bit of a hypochondriac if you’re left to your own devices and thought processes. 

Any kind of twinge, ache/pain makes you think that something terrible is going to happen to you and you’ll lose consciousness in the worst place (in the shower, in the kitchen when you’re prepping dinner, basically any of the most dangerous places you can think of to lose consciousness). 

The doctors have signed me off of work for the week for me to try to get back to a stable mental state, so I wanted to put this out there to let you all know that I haven’t neglected my blog, I just need to take some time to focus on me.

Until next time …



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