I think I might get a perm…

So, you’ll know from a previous post that I love big hair (Big Hair, Don’t Care) and over the last week, I’ve really been contemplating giving my hair a perm (yes myself, I love doing my own hair and can hold myself personally responsible if it goes wrong).

I’d love to have some gorgeous ringlets stay in my hair as I can’t be bothered to achieve it on a daily basis. Plus I think it’ll look good on me – just check out this flash back of my mum when she had one in the 80’s;

I understand the process you need to go through from my first working job as a Saturday girl in a local hairdressers when I was 16 – so am not scared to go all curly on my own! 

Let me know what you think, am I absolutely mental or do you applaud my bravery?

Until next time … 

Gaby xxx