Big hair, don't care

Big hair, don't care

I’ve written a few hair related posts since starting my blog (Things I’ve learnt from dying my hair, My Mission for Longer Hair, My Hair Extension Escapades -you get the drift) and I’ve come to realise, I’m slightly obsessed by the hair that grows out of my scalp. 

I’ve gone through lots of hair phases over the years, but one thing I can say has remained constant is my love of big hair.
 Over the last week I’ve been plaiting my hair each night to achieve the wavy mass atop my head each day and absolutely love it. More so now my hair is at a length I would be happy to describe as long. 

If you take yourself back to my incredibly embarrassing YouTube channel, you’ll see my cringeworthy documentaries of me going through my “hair growth journey” (ergh, even typing it makes me want to vom in my mouth) and how I stopped using heat on my hair to prevent breakage. 
I stopped the channel once starting my full time job (oh the cringiness) but I did continue with my hair ritual of no heat (okay – I do blast it with the hair dryer once in a while).

If there’s one thing I’d like you to take away from this post, it’s that constantly applying heat to your hair will ruin it and prevent it from growing. And not only that, once you’ve gotten through that awkward stage, it makes maintenance a lot easier and you have the ability to create the ‘big hair – don’t care’ look. 
My gift to you internet friends – my secret to my big old Barnet. 
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