At home gel manicures 

So, I started to draft a post before my holiday and before the blackout situation and haven’t managed to get back to it.

I invested in a UV lamp to do my own gel nails at home as I was fed up with having to constantly re-apply nail varnish to my chipped grimy nails.

I spent so many hours scouring the internet for a gel varnish that would last a couple of weeks away, everything from Gellish to Shellac came under my radar. But I didn’t want to spend over £10 per bottle if it wasn’t going to do the trick.

So I held off until October pay day and had read about a brand called Bluesky. I was umming and ahhing about purchasing when I got chatting to my friend Laura at work – she’d also bought her own kit and mentioned the Bluesky colours and how she got 2-3 weeks of wear! Boom – I was sold!

It’s taken me a couple of months to get the nack of it, when I first started I didn’t have a proper alcohol rub to remove the tacky layer and was using my hand gel I usually keep in my bag to substitute until I got the proper stuff!

However, I must say I’m proud of how far I’ve come with my nail skills! I’m rocking some nude nails with glitter and love how they’re looking right now!

My nails are a lot stronger and I don’t have to come home to reapply almost daily (although there have been a few occasions where I’ve peeled them all off – oh the satisfaction).

If you’ve got any recommendations for reasonably priced gels, please let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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