Capsule wardrobe?

So, let’s try this one again! I started this post, went to save it as a draft and ended up publishing it, so sorry to anyone who wondered what happened to the rest of the post! 

Between Christmas and New Year I had a major clear out of the flat. I’m a huge hoarder and have birthday cards going back a decade to empty boxes for things I purchased when I first moved in almost 3 years ago! I ended up chucking out 6+ bin bags of crap and my god does this place look so much better! 

My clear out got me thinking about my wardrobe and how I wanted to try out a capsule wardrobe, get rid of the crap and keep just the essentials. I’ve put together a list of the criteria I’m going to be using and will be reporting back next week once I’ve had a chance to de-clutter;

1. Anything I haven’t worn in the last year is going 

2. Keep my black staples – trousers, tops, jackets, boots etc.

3. Keep my white staples – anything off white is going (I have a tendency to keep them as pyjamas and have white/now grey strappy tops falling out of my pyjama basket) 

4. Keep my khaki coloured stuff – shout out to Kerri-Ann who’s inspired my next post on all my khaki obesession

5. Get rid of old pyjamas – I seriously have a problem with hoarding tatty discoloured pyjamas so I might find this emotional 

6. I’m going all out here guys and targeting my sock drawer – holes, odd socks galore mate

7. Be brutal with my dresses – I’ll buy a dress for a night out, wear it once and decide that as I’ve had photos in it that I can’t wear it again 

I think once I get going I’ll have more of a criteria. I’m not going to set a number of items I want to have but will be considering that when sorting – I don’t want to be keeping 10 pairs of jeans that all look the same. 

So, watch out for my wardrobe update! 

Until next time…



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