Boohoo let down!

Good morning internet friends! It’s been a couple of weeks and I’ve finally got a week of annual leave to catch up on life and have a well needed break!

So here we are, another blog post and a mini online shopping disaster.

So as a bit of background, every September we have a staff awards ceremony that’s a black tie event and I was on the hunt for an evening dress to wear. Last year I ended up wearing a lovely black dress from Boohoo, however there were 2 other girls there wearing the same dress and I didn’t want the same to happen again.

A sucker for boohoo, I went hunting again and found the below dress;


I fell in love and at just £22 added it to my basket. Next up I found a cute pair of metallic flats that I could wear with it and added them to my order (along with some nipple stickers that I’m yet to try, not sure how I feel about them!)


Looking back, the shoes look very tacky but I was hoping for the best.

So with free next day delivery, my order came on Sunday morning and I pulled everything out of the bag. First up, in real life I hated the colour of the dress. I don’t know if it’s because I’m the palest I’ve ever been (Thailand in November can’t come soon enough!), but the colour looked cheap and tacky. I haven’t got a picture of me wearing it as it wasn’t very flattering and showed probably a bit more boob than I’d like readily available on the Internet, so I took one of it on the hanger;


It’s bluer than the picture online (may have looked better after a good iron) and was made in such a weird way to wrap around.

I hated it and was so disappointed with boohoo for bad clothes colouring again. I’ve added a picture below of the shoes, just for shits and gigs (which were a light gold colour IRL not silver like the website showed)


The reason for this post is that I’m making a big step in my online shopping life, I’m returning something!!

May the hunt continue!

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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