The rise of the Topshop clone…

So it’s been a while… Not going to run off excuses, truth is I haven’t felt too inspired!

But I’m back!

Onto this week’s topic, have you ever bought something you fell in love with so much that you need to show the world?! I’ve been doing a little bit too much shopping lately and keep on finding little gems that I know will be staples in my wardrobe.

The piece that inspired this post was this beautiful cut out shirt I found in Topshop over the weekend (whilst out shopping for 5 people’s birthdays I’ve got this week!)

The fabric falls beautifully, feels lovely to wear and a nice little twist on a classic white shirt (after my last post on my obsession with white shirts, I realised I had 8 not 7 and this one brings the total up to 9! 😉)

I also found these cute black lace up sandals in Topshop that I’m wearing (the above doesn’t do them justice so I’ve inserted a pic from the website below).


In love.

I’m looking back and realising this photo shows what a Topshop clone I am… Everything but the leggings came from Topshop. But do I care? No. It’s one shop that continually gets it right for me (and H&M obvs 😉).

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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