Fashion trends I can’t get on board with

I started writing this post a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get around to posting it yesterday, so apologies for the delay!

So, I was thinking as I was walking around H&M a couple of Saturday’s ago about trends that I personally could never get on board with and after scrolling through old Facebook photos have compiled a list of my ‘don’t even go there bell end’ trends that I can’t be dealing with;

1. Animal prints. I don’t think I’ve worn anything animal print since I was about 20;

I don’t know what it is about it, but whenever I personally (I hope to cause no offence to anyone that does wear it, I bet you look banging 😉) wear it, I feel like I look tacky. Even if I find something in the shops that’s high quality, my inner voice tells me “Kat Slater” and I immediately put it back. Except for pyjamas, but who sees me in them?

2. I highly doubt this in controversial, but Croc shoes. Just plain ugly and no further explanation should be required.

3. Plastic see-through anything. Be it a clutch bag, shoes or rain mac, I cannot get on board.

4. Pom Poms. I could fall in love with something until I see a big old furry, knitted, or tasseled Pom Pom and immediately hate it. It reminds me of textiles lectures at uni when our nutty lecturer would insist on us making the bloody things over and over again, which is the root cause of my hatred (little ones are fine, I just got a black swing top from with tiny ones along the hem ☺️)

5. Anything with organza. Again, this is due to having to use the damn stuff at uni for a collection that I hated with a passion. The colour scheme was grey, purple and orange, nuff said.

6. Huge clip in/headbands with flowers for your hair. Now this, I have picture evidence of. I thought I looked the shit with my huge flower on the side of my head, but look at how ridiculous it looks now;
7. And while reminded by the photo above, big chunky waist belts that serve no purpose. I was obsessed with everything I was wearing this night but in hindsight, I don’t think it works together. What do you reckon? 😜


8. Neon coloured anything unless attending a party and the theme is neon. Again, this is something I feel I look tacky in and can’t get on board

9. Bargain shop lace. I’ve kind of gone off lace altogether lately and think it’s due to seeing tacky stuff everywhere that isn’t well made

10. And finally polka dots! This is only after an eBay purchase from a Chinese store where I received a dress that had printed polkas on top on the fabric that ended up cracking (and they didn’t line up properly at the seam). Now anything else I pick up with a polka dot print reminds me of that bad purchase


I think ten is enough for now. I’m sure in a few months time when I’ve had time to mooch around the shops and the spring/summer styles I might add more 😉

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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