Finding New Clothes From Old Ones!

If you take yourself way back to my very first post on this blog, you may remember a photo of a pile of clothes I deemed as “shit bits”

Within the pile was a jacket that I bought from Primark a couple of years back. I absolutely loved it and wore it to death so much that I deemed it a shit bit and added it to the pile. Looking for inspiration this afternoon for my weekly post, I thought I’d rummage through to find something I could write about and came across said jacket.


I put it on ready to snap the hideousness of it and found myself starting to admire it again. I thought back to what I didn’t like about it and remember that I didn’t like how the colour looked on me. But since channelling my inner ombré and going darker on top, I’ve found that some of the colours I always dismissed before are starting to grow on me and some of my go to colours don’t look as great anymore (possibly also due to my pasty face that hasn’t seen sunlight since I don’t know when – seriously contemplating hitting the sunbeds but don’t want to unnecessarily bring on some sort of skin disease).

I don’t think I’ll keep the jacket as it’s not very me anymore, plus my dad and step mum bought me this beaut parka from John Lewis for my birthday that needs space in my wardrobe 😉

I think it just goes to show that as time goes by, everything about you (inside and out!) changes and evolves and that’s okay!

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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